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Solution/Services Partner
Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Global, North America, South/Latin America

gateB is a global consulting and implementation company that unlocks the digital potential of its clients. They transform business models and processes to enable smarter and stronger customer relationships. Founded in 2009 in Steinhausen, Switzerland, gateB now operates from five offices located in Steinhausen, Hamburg, Los Angeles, New Delhi, and Singapore.

gateB + Aprimo

gateB has a team of over 100 digital experts, data scientists, solution architects and consultants, that cover the entire value chain from consulting and implementation to integration and enablement services. Together with Aprimo, gateB can provide a flawless transition from your existing tech stack to one that’s tailor made for you. gateB delivers a proven agile, creative, and results-focused approach, ensuring faster project success and improved time-to-market.


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Key Benefits

  • Analytics & Targeting: Behavior-based customer segmentation and clustering for personalized and targeted customer communication.
  • Asset & Content Management: Integrated solutions for efficient production, coordination and cross-channel distribution of content.
  • Collaboration & Planning: Digital work environments that connect people, assets and processes and make collaboration more efficient.