Meet Albert Irving

Isaac Asimov

AI’s first day: The onboarding process  

Al’s onboarding unfolds similar to any new employee. First, there’s the initial setup, which involves preparing a dedicated server to host Al, allowing him to interact with existing systems. 

AI settles in: Daily operations 

Far from taking John’s place as a writer or usurping Laura as a strategist, Al shows himself to be a humble and efficient assistant who takes care of the grunt work, helps keep things easily accessible, and provides keen insights they otherwise might have missed.

Enhancing collaboration across the organization with AI’s help

Al shows himself to be an excellent, well-informed, neutral communicator – which is exactly what the company has needed!

He automatically updates all teams with real-time data and client feedback, helping everyone stay on the same page, and preventing the old habit of siloing that has kept the teams at odds in the past. His ability to log and track every modification and suggestion regarding the campaign in real-time helps team members maintain accountability and transparency, and this enhanced awareness helps remove tension-inducing ambiguity around the rationale behind decisions and their role in the collective goal.

Assessing AI’s performance

Overall, Al has done extremely well in his first three months on the job. His performance will undergo ongoing assessment based on preset KPIs and colleague feedback, as this helps the company maximize his capabilities and identify areas for improvement.

The verdict: when to promote, demote, or fire AI

As we look back over Al’s journey of integration into the company, we can see clearly that the successful collaboration between humans and AI hinges on the right conditions and an open approach. This partnership, when properly implemented and managed, can lead to significant advancements. Just as in Asimov’s vision, the interaction between human creativity and machine intelligence as experienced in Al’s story illustrates the fact that artificial intelligence isn’t meant to replace human processes, but rather to support and augment them.

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