The Right Taxonomy Is the Foundation of Your DAM

When it comes to the assets you and your team use, proper organization, management, and governance are the keys to success. A mismanaged, disorganized, or worse yet, underutilized Digital Asset Management system (DAM) can lead to inefficiencies, underperformance, and in some cases compliance issues.

The right structure and organization of a DAM can provide a single source of truth for your assets, leading to the easier creation of assets, searchability, better agility, and the elimination of duplicate efforts associated with creating the same (or similar) content more than once.

Your Taxonomy Is the First Step

Taxonomy is the structure used to classify assets or groups of assets within a DAM. The right taxonomy makes it easy and efficient to add, find, organize, and manage your assets.

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The key with any taxonomy is to develop and design an effective structure before you implement your DAM solution. Your taxonomy structure is made up of the key terms your organization uses to organize its assets. This structure along with your metadata drives consistency and ultimately efficiency and control when it comes to accessing your assets.

If you’re just getting your DAM off the ground or are considering updating your solution, it’s always a good time to ensure your taxonomy is set up for success within your organization. Getting started is easy, it’s just a matter of taking the right steps.

Aprimo DAM helped SOS Children’s Villages manage over 100,000 assets with stringent digital rights management across 135 countries.

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Working with an expert can save you time, money, and headaches.

Since your taxonomy is one of the most important pieces of your DAM, working with an expert is the best way to get it right the first time. Chances are, they?ve worked with businesses like yours and they’ll provide a wealth of knowledge as you get started. Not only will you be set up for success right from the outset, but you’ll also learn about the functionality of your solution and how it can help your business.

The right DAM solution is key.

Choosing the right DAM solution could save as much as several months of set up time. Many solutions come with taxonomy templates designed for various industries and business types that are able to plug into your CMS and offer features like rights-access control. Rights-access control is incredibly important in any industry that has regulations on the assets you’re using, such as packaging and legal info like disclaimers and claims.

Perhaps the most important factor when selecting a DAM solution provider is service. Make sure you’re confident you’re working with experts. Some DAM solutions companies are with you to help you get set up and then hand you off to a managed service provider. A strong DAM provider is with you every step of the way. They’ll do thorough up-front work with you using tools like workshops and workbooks to make sure you have a solution that truly meets your needs. From there they’ll help you set up your taxonomy and metadata and be your point of contact for questions and service.

We’re here to help.

DAM vendors with a strong reputation are providing solutions with more robust functionality every year. Whatever DAM solution you choose, make sure it grows and scales with your needs. This way, you can continually improve your content management and the experience you deliver in your market. To see how Aprimo can help you make the most of your time and assets, contact us or check out a quick demo of our solution.

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