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Companies are being tasked with producing an increasing variety of content types and are quickly realizing they need a central place to manage them all. So how do they keep up with the growing demands of all their various content?

First, they need to step back and understand exactly what content they have and how they can repurpose it before they begin looking at consolidating solutions. After all, when it comes to content, it’s all about quality over quantity.

Gartner shares, “Marketing organizations that reimagine the creative brief and segment their content into atoms or dynamic components for targeting and reuse will be better equipped to capitalize on personalized experiences by uniting customer data with relevant content.” For organizations to effectively and efficiently reuse their content, they need to ensure they have a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that supports all content types.

Organizations historically have used DAMs for managing assets such as images, videos, 3D renderings, and other creative files. However, with today’s increasing need for various types of content in different formats, DAMs must be content agnostic, so organizations can easily manage rich media along with editorial content and creative files. As technology continues to evolve, and the number of customer touchpoints continues to grow, DAM solutions must be able to marry all these different content types together in a single interface to empower marketing teams to streamline their content strategies and tailor them to all their channels.

Our new Aprimo DAM feature, Aprimo Article Editor, enables marketers to manage text-based editorial content alongside other rich media, empowering them to optimize their content and streamline it in a centralized repository so that they can easily find, reuse and tailor it to fit and reach all their customer touchpoints.

Aprimo Article Editor promotes and supports:

Creative Collaboration

Article Editor enables marketers to seamlessly collaborate with all their teams in a single place on new text articles or manage text down to the smallest component, so they can easily make widespread updates to even a couple of sentences in frequently used pieces of content, such as a disclaimer, company mission statement, a tagline, etc.

Optimization and Reuse

Article Editor also enables organizations to accelerate searches and improve the findability of their text articles by easily linking them with their associated images and videos so they can easily determine what content should be reused in future campaigns.

Context Rich Content

Article Editor also enables organizations to enrich their text-based and editorial content with links to other associated content or even emojis to help add context or emotion so they can ultimately deliver more engaging customer experiences.

Whether it’s creating a new article or mass updating commonly used taglines and disclaimers, Aprimo Article Editor can swiftly help organizations get it done by bringing together traditional rich media management functionalities with the ability to natively support editorial and text-based content, so they can get the right content to market faster.

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