Leading Brands Balance Agility and Compliance

Brands Balance Agility

Scaling marketing can be risky, especially for businesses in highly regulated industries. And the faster you and your marketing team moves, the more content you’re pushing out, the higher that risk becomes. Especially when the number of channels you’re delivering content into is exploding. How’s that TikTok brand awareness campaign going, anyway?

We’re living in an age of speed and instant gratification. Consumers expect connected, personalized experiences at every interaction with your brand. There’s increasing demand for content into an increasing number of channels, but you have to make sure you’re remaining compliant all along the way.

headshot Brett Molotsky circle BW 200x200 1 ?Dynamic personalization is the next frontier for digital content for marketers,? says Brett Molotsky, Industry Vice President for Financial Services at Aprimo. ?Knowing the relationship between how your content gets produced, reviewed, approved, and stored will be key to creating dynamic, personalized messages that can be quickly reviewed for compliance and speed to market. Doing it wrong will be costly.?

Recently, a major insurance and financial services provider was hit with compliance-related fines in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Trying hard to be ?agile,? an offer got into the market that shouldn’t have.  But that bad offer was just the latest symptom of a much bigger problem? How do large financial services companies adapt to a quickly changing market where consumers expect relevant content in a just-in-time fashion?

The answer for this company was to reimagine their go-to-market strategy as an interconnected journey rather than a set of siloed tasks:

  • They assessed their entire content lifecycle ? from planning and budgeting marketing initiatives to the production and management of supporting content.
  • A full content journey solution was implemented with real-time audit tracking and permissions management, budgeting and forecasting, and asset management.
  • They now keep the content, the financials, and the compliance controls on a single platform.

By unifying on a single platform, they now enjoy flexible, agile workflows within a compliant framework. Using a holistic approach, the company will better fulfill its mission to its customers while also meeting compliance goals.

So how do you balance agility and compliance? By streamlining your content journey. Remove the obstacles in your process ? disconnected tools require more effort to integrate and are more difficult to keep compliant. Pairing the right processes and the right technology should be integral to your digital transformation strategy.

It starts with a plan. Everything needs to be documented and aligned to corporate objectives. And have a process in place that ensures brand and regulatory compliance ? facilitated through technology ? allowing marketers to be agile and create content- at scale.

That’s how leading brands balance agility and compliance.

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