Intelligent Content Personalization: Salesforce + Aprimo

Intelligent Content Personalization Salesforce and Aprimo

One thing has become clear to me: finding an engaging way to start a blog about personalization is almost as challenging as overcoming the barriers to customer-centricity itself.  

Rather than coming up with a wonderfully witty analogy or peppering this article with statistics you’ve already heard, we’ll keep it direct:  

You know that personalization is important.  

You know that there are a slew of barriers to overcome in order to successfully manage the complexity and scale needed to reach customers with the highly relevant and personalized messages they’re expecting. 

You also know that “personalization” means something radically different than it did in years past. You’ve seen it in your organizational shifts, in the latest headlinesyou’re reminded of good (and bad) 1-to-1 personalization every time you pick up your phone or open your email. 

Personalization used to mean broad offerings and broader experiences across entire swathes of consumer segments. Today, it means leveraging intricate customer data profiles, both created and tracked from all customer interactions, to deliver the most relevant messaging on an individual basis. 

Understand Your Customer and Your Content

So the industry-wide push around understanding your customer makes sensebut have you thought about how to better understand your content? Knowing your customer’s preferences is only half the battlefor every one thing you know about your customer, you should know one thing about the content you’re serving up to them. Achieve this, and you’re well on your way to personalization enlightenment. 

Nirvana lies in the middleand it Smells Like Personalization Revisited. To truly drive the personalization your brand needs, you must have a Content 360 View for your Customer 360 Database. 

Over the past year and a half, some of the brightest minds at Salesforce and Aprimo have worked diligently to craft just that. While the Aprimo-Salesforce partnership was born within Marketing Cloud, it has since grown to answer questions like: 

Salesforce and Aprimo connectivity empowers you to engage with customers across channels, to personalize with intelligence, and puts your customer at the content marketing process.

Better yet, reach out to me directly at Ana.Lantigua@aprimo.com if you want to set up a oneonone session to better understand the value Aprimo and Salesforce connectivity could bring to your organization.  

The Salesforce & Aprimo Connectors

In the meantime, feel free to browse the different Salesforce connectors live on Aprimo Marketplace: 

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