How to Choose the Right DAM? The Forrester Wave™ To The Rescue

“Eureka, I found it!” My husband came, beaming, into our living room. “I’m confident this is the best vacuum cleaner out there that fits our budget.”

“OK, great!” I said, feigning as much enthusiasm as I could over a vacuum cleaner. “But how do you know it’s the best one?” He told me about his extensive online vacuum research. It included evaluating features, side-by-side reviews, reading through guides and testimonials—all to make the right decision for us.

And at that moment, it hit me: Modern buyers are educated buyers; and purchasing decisions, no matter how mundane those purchases may seem (enter vacuum cleaner!), are highly influenced by digital experiences. This was 10 years ago!

Consumers Do Their Own Homework Before They Buy

As a long-time marketer in the tech space, I’ve known that the value of digital experiences and a brand’s trustworthiness directly impact purchasing decisions. However, with digital now becoming the norm, long gone are the days where consumers rely on sales calls and meetings to learn about a product or to find a solution that suits their needs.

While I believe valuable interactions with experts are still a necessary part of a buyer’s journey, buyers today are far more in the know about the products they’re shopping for before they start knocking on our digital doors.

If buyers are doing their own research on relatively low-cost products, how much more important is it for marketing and digital leaders—who are aiming to drive hyper-personalized customer experiences—to source the right software solution that meets buyers’ needs? Unlike a typical vacuum cleaner, the investment in DAM or content operations solutions is high, the implications are many, and the consequences have long-term value.

Check out the DAM Buyers’ Guide – a must-have tool including a checklist of requirements you need in a DAM

Third-Party Guides Inform Consumers About Their Options

Tools like The Forrester Wave™ serve as trustworthy guides for enterprise buyers considering their marketing technology options. The Forrester Wave™ : Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q4 2019 gives companies looking for a digital asset management solution helpful, impartial input about significant DAM vendors. It offers a credible, side-by-side evaluation of vendors in the digital asset management category, comparing 14 providers across 28 criteria—all to help consumers go into their buying decisions with open eyes.

It’s an invaluable tool and a must-read for any company planning to invest in a DAM solution.

In the most recent DAM Wave™, Forrester Research evaluated Aprimo among the 14 most significant providers. Digging into DAM offerings from many different brands, the researchers at Forrester gave each a rating based on their performance in 28 criteria including search, metadata and taxonomy, content localization, and more.

Watch this brief introduction to The Forrester Wave™ and see how Aprimo stacks up.

Forrester researchers go deep with the Wave™—they consider the increasingly central role of digital asset management across industries today and track trends to predict where digital asset management as a category is headed and the impact of DAM solutions in delivering highly personalized digital customer experiences at scale.

At the end of their in-depth review, Forrester researchers assess each vendor as a Challenger, Contender, Strong Performer, or Leader, with Leader being the highest ranking.

They named Aprimo a Leader.

Why is Aprimo a Leader in the Wave™?

Aprimo received the highest scores possible in 20 of 28 criteria in The Forrester Wave™.

Some of these included:

  • Metadata & Taxonomy
  • Search
  • Scalability
  • Content Performance Analytics
  • Content Localization
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Web Content Management
  • Content Collaboration Support
  • Video Management

We believe our position as a leader and highest scores possible in 20 criteria is a testament to Aprimo’s product team working closely with our customers to understand their current challenges and develop real solutions that help them deliver hyper-personalized, compliant customer experiences at scale.

Choosing the right DAM for your team is a huge undertaking. As much as we might wish that it’s as easy as picking a Dyson over a Bissell, pulling the trigger on an investment like a fully capable content operations solution takes a lot of research—and a lot of confidence in the brand you’re buying. The Forrester Wave™ is a trusted, third-party source that gives marketers that confidence. If Forrester had a Wave™ all about vacuum cleaners, my husband the researcher would be all over it!

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