How Smart Marketers Leverage Technology to Measure Operational Efficiency

Marketing is experiencing digital disruption at a steady rate because of channel explosion, a more interactive-engagement economy, and less time to market. In this turbulent environment dictated by ever-changing customer behavior, there is also pressure to increase output with fewer resources. This means marketing must prove itself as a value center… and a revenue center.

To manage this disruption, smart marketers employ a marketing operations platform to provide a system of accountability, prove ROI, and create great customer experiences at every touchpoint.

But where do you start? What do you measure?

A good jumping-off point is to collect and analyze data from your automated workflows, as discussed in the recent webinar, “Optimizing Marketing Operations Through Metrics, Measurement, and Technology.

To set up your marketing organization to capture this meaningful data, focus on these Five Marketing Essentials:

  • Plan. Measuring campaign objectives and strategies ensures that marketing goals align with business goals. The outcome is clearly defined long- and short-term strategies, optimized resource planning, and accurate KPIs.
  • Spend. Measuring your budget offers instant visibility into what initiatives are being funded… down to the dollar. This results in optimized use of funds, improved accountability, and increased ROI.
  • Create. By measuring marketing’s productivity, you achieve faster time to market, reduce operational waste, improve content quality, and optimize human and operational resources.
  • Distribute. By measuring your partners’ asset and campaign usage, you gain insight into how to increase partner engagement, improve brand/message consistency, and increase leads and sales.
  • Perform. Here’s the payoff! As you collect this data through a single system of accountability, reports and dashboards dynamically populate to give you at-a-glance visibility into your marketing operations. These reports and dashboards visually interpret your data so you can understand exactly what is happening in your marketing ops… and what needs to be improved.

By leveraging technology to help optimize your operations, marketers gain a single source of the truth. Armed with trustworthy data, marketing can be accountable for results, adapt to digital disruption, and create great customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Watch a recording of the webinar “Optimizing Marketing Operations Through Metrics, Measurement, and Technology” to gain insight into how automated workflows are a key element of the marketing operations analytics framework.

Want instant access to your organization’s performance? With Aprimo’s Executive Dashboard, you get real-time visibility into marketing’s performance. Build reports to prove ROI, see performance via analytics, and measure KPIs to see what’s working and what’s not. The powerful, time-saving Executive Dashboard dynamically displays all reports in a configurable environment.

About the Author

Ed Breault leads a team of marketing strategists and thought leaders who partner with top enterprise brands to navigate complexity, disruption, transformation, and change to the modern marketing organization. During his career, Ed has significantly contributed to the marketing operations business discipline, consulting for more than 100 marketing organizations around the globe and addressing marketing challenges within all industry verticals.

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