Aprimo Partners with SecureCHEK AI to Speed Products to Market by Optimizing the Content Lifecycle for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Creating omnichannel content that is both personalized and compliant is essential for competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry. To further empower our customers with the most powerful content operations capabilities, Aprimo is excited to announce our new partnership with SecureCHEK AI, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert. This new innovative partnership delivers a revolutionary approach to speed materials to market by optimizing the entire content lifecycle for the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.    

Pharmaceutical companies are under more pressure than ever to create valuable content across channels ? faster and with fewer resources. But as the pressure mounts, many of these organizations are unable to meet demand due to inefficient, manual operations. In fact, 99% of the industry still manually checks virtually every piece of content prior to submission, according to a recent survey. And it can take anywhere from 55 to 90 days for materials to be developed, approved, and reach the market using existing manual processes.

Manual processes not only slow down operations, but they increase risks associated with errors and non-compliance. Human errors and resource constraints on the agency and client side all contribute to lost opportunity and time to market.  


Unlock Your Modular Content Potential with Aprimo + SecureCHEK AI

In response to market need, Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI have launched the first high-volume, content-centric solution to speed compliant materials to market. Content enablement is a strategic priority for the pharmaceutical industry. With the explosion of content cycling through the promotional review process, a new level of efficiency is required for commercial agility. With Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI, organizations can automate the development of personalized content and derivative materials that are prechecked pre-MLR submission to ensure content is accurate, on-brand, and compliant with business standards.


Combining Domain Expertise to Optimize Business Outcomes

Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI complement one another through our domain expertise and focus on different aspects of the marketing process:

  • Aprimo is a content operations platform that provides a single source of truth to optimize the way organizations plan, develop, govern, and deliver content.
  • SecureCHEK AI uses AI, natural language processing (NLP), and proprietary algorithms to automate compliant content e and ensure MLR and business rules are accurately applied and that there are no errors.

This new partnership brings together Aprimo’s expertise in content operations with SecureCHEK’s focus on AI and compliance to provide an all-inclusive solution for pharmaceutical businesses to optimize the entire content lifecycle.


Aprimo + SecureCHEK AI Business Benefits for Customers

The new partnership between Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI provides a streamlined, end-to-end business solution that addresses the demand for personalized experiences at scale, resource constraints, and risk management requirements. Pharmaceutical organizations can now unlock their modular content potential by developing and checking materials for product promotion within a single platform. Aprimo customers will have complete autonomy over their content and can begin early in the content development phase (pre-submission) to expedite promotional review and content production.

Aprimo SecureCheckAI PreCheck Process

Key Benefits:

  • Balance agility with compliance
  • Process more content with fewer resources
  • Boost productivity: Coordinators can double their QC capacity and execute their checks 70% faster
  • Improve efficiency: Agencies can speed up time to submission and forecast time for discussion of open items
  • Accelerate time to market: Users can deliver materials to market 3X faster, to optimize product launches
  • Receive review-ready materials with Quality Assessment Report
  • Create libraries for multiple personas

Contact us to learn more about Aprimo’s partnership with SecureCHEK AI and how you can unlock your modular content potential.

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