Aprimo is a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q1 2022

We?re so excited and proud to announce that Aprimo has been named a ?Leader? in ?The Forrester Wave?: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q1 2022? report by Forrester Research, Inc.

In both the Current Offering and Strategy categories, Aprimo is the highest rated vendor, scoring 4.8 of 5 and 4.6 of 5 respectively. ?Aprimo?s product vision, which is underpinned by AI and content atomization and aims to support the full lifecycle of content performance?from creative effort all the way through downstream performance?stands out,? the Forrester evaluation states.

We believe Forrester?s recognition is an acknowledgement of our leadership, innovation in digital asset management (DAM) and support for the entire content lifecycle and, of course, our continued focus on our customers.

Marketers today are faced with the pressure of delivering exceptional customer experiences in an ever-increasing number of channels. The speed with which teams can create high-quality, personalized content and get it into market is more important than ever before. With content operations at the forefront of modern marketing strategies, digital asset management technology is critical to business success.

Aprimo leads with strong AI and workflow capabilities

Aprimo was evaluated among the 14 most significant DAM providers and one of only four companies in the report to be named a Leader. In the report, Aprimo earned the highest possible score in 21 out of 27 criteria, including Partner Ecosystem, Marketing Support, and Video and Emerging Content Support, and the only vendor to receive top scores in the Enterprise Platform Integration and Work-in-Progress Assets criteria.

Forrester Wave Graphic 2022 Thumbnail.png

We believe our placement?and relative positioning to other DAM providers?in the Wave validates our ability to navigate an increasingly crowded market and that the investments we?ve made in product innovation to optimize our digital asset management SaaS solution were the right ones.

?We believe our five out of five scores from Forrester across so many important criteria demonstrate the value of our DAM, our vision for composable content operations, and our continued growth as we deliver a best-in-class solution that supports the entire content lifecycle,? said Erik Huddleston, chief executive officer at Aprimo. ?Establishing our omnichannel centric and CMS-agnostic position in this market helps us satisfy customers and elevate their teams with a universal content engine and a single source of truth for their entire business.?

The report also highlights the importance of content automation at scale, using machine learning to reallocate mundane tasks that would typically bog down creative and content marketing teams. With our industry-leading DAM and continued innovations in AI, metadata, workflow automation, and more, we’ve laid the foundation to make that future a reality?truly composable content operations that help scale personalized customer experience.

A strong vision and focus on continued innovation

Challenges among modern companies are evolving with the rapidly changing digital landscape and the mission-critical importance of selecting a vendor that can provide an underlying technology that powers both customer and employee experience. As the report notes, ?Aprimo also offers superior work-in-progress support, which is essential in today?s remote, collaborative work environment and approach to content creation.?

It?s a great feeling to be where we are today. It is also a strong validation of our commitment to continued product innovation that meets the demand for delivering omnichannel personalized experiences?whether for a dealer, distributor, partner, or employee?balancing new work styles with resourcing pressures, and reaching new economies of scale through automation, faster ecosystem integration, and rapid time to market.

Click here to download the full report: The Forrester Wave?: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q1 2022

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