Meet Aprimo AI, The Next Generation of AI-Powered Digital Asset Management

Aprimo’s new solution streamlines content operations, ensures brand compliance and increases marketing ROI

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Chicago–Jan. 30, 2024–Aprimo, the leader in digital asset management and marketing resource management solutions, today unveiled Aprimo AI, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solution that accelerates content creation, supercharges asset discoverability, automates asset management, and ensures brand governance. With Aprimo AI, teams can now deploy AI across the entire content lifecycle to accelerate content creation, supercharge asset discoverability, automate asset management and ensure brand governance.

“The promise of AI has become a reality, with marketing organizations turning to AI-powered tools to achieve unmatched efficiency and build a competitive edge,” said Erik Huddleston, chief executive officer of Aprimo. “Aprimo AI brings intelligence-driven agility for modern brands, empowering teams to elevate content operations and unlock new levels of content effectiveness.”

The rise of generative AI technology has expanded the horizon of opportunity for businesses, touching virtually every aspect of content creation and introducing new possibilities for accelerating productivity, improving efficiency, and achieving unprecedented content personalization. But, digital asset management solutions–the backbone of content operations–to date lacked the full depth and breadth of AI functionality, with limited asset discovery, content assistance, security and governance.

Aprimo AI is a fresh reimagining of AI-powered digital asset management, with embedded intelligence that addresses common challenges standing in the way of full AI adoption. Its key offerings include:

  • Accelerated content creation: Aprimo AI accelerates content velocity and reduces creation cycle time with customizable generative AI actions, an AI content coach trained on your brand, smart image transformation and cropping, video summary creation, and quick creation of on-brand variants of metadata fields like asset or product descriptions.
  • Automated asset management: Typically a time-consuming and error-prone process, Aprimo AI helps reclaim a team’s time by letting AI automate manual asset management activities with smart tagging based on the platform’s analysis of the content. Users can also train the cognitive AI to label appropriately as assets get uploaded, plus fill out other metadata fields, extract and store text from images and videos, and transcribe videos.
  • Improved asset discoverability: Assets are typically challenging to find for downstream users, with teams wasting time searching for content instead of focusing on higher-value tasks. Aprimo AI’s search leverages AI to understand the content within an asset, providing assets in milliseconds based on visual or contextual searches. It also provides video abstracts and time-based summaries, along with similar content recommendations based on facial recognition, themes or objects.
  • Scalable governance, safety and compliance: With the democratization of content creation triggering an incredible influx of assets, brands face new challenges in ensuring that all content is on-brand and legally compliant–not to mention the risks of data getting leaked to public LLMs. Aprimo AI ensures complete brand safety by automatically detecting AI-generated content and triggering an automated review workflow, leveraging AI to review content for compliance, monitoring costs of generative AI models, and deploying smart actions in workflows to make decisions based on the outcome or results of AI-driven feedback.

“Aprimo’s AI increases the searchability of all our assets,” said Shauna Lallatin, Digital Asset Coordinator, Plaid Enterprises. “The system reads product labels in images, PDF, and other Office documents and adds this to metadata so that a single search pulls up all related information. Our assets are quickly findable and available to everyone as soon as they are uploaded.”

Said Huddleston: “As AI continues to push the boundaries of innovation, Aprimo remains steadfast in our commitment to serving as the engine of content operations and equipping our customers with solutions that propel their organizations forward.”

To learn more about Aprimo AI, visit https://aprimo.com/platform/aprimo-ai

About Aprimo

Aprimo is the creator of the marketing resource management (MRM) space and the leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) software. The company delivers an innovative, industry-leading SaaS solution that changes the way companies like AT&T, National Park Foundation, Laborie, and Bank of America work, create, collaborate, and learn to deliver exceptional brand experiences at scale. Aprimo helps enterprises unleash the power of their content by providing an AI-powered content operations platform that effectively manages the behind-the-scenes activities involved in marketing. The platform assists customers in centralized management of content planning, creation, and distribution all in one place, while leveraging in-depth insights into how their content performs. Learn more at aprimo.com

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