3 Ways to Strengthen Content Fundamentals in the AI Era 


Cut Through The Noise

1. Amplified Brand Management 

Did you know? 

In 2023, Brand Guidelines pages built in Aprimo had more than 300K visits, with the average visit lasting more than 4 minutes. Do you get all the right people on your brand guidelines page. Do they spend the time needed to learn your brand standards? 

Brand Portal and Brand Guidelines

Best Practices in Brand Management 

  • In some situations, it may be easier to create publicly available DAM systems where anyone can access your brand-approved assets without needing to be added as a credentialed user. You can restrict access to asset downloads and ensure people need to request the ability to do so. 
  • Ensures all campaigns and customer communications are consistent on approved brand and messaging by creating a centralized brand guidelines page that’s inclusive of all key elements of your brand – colors, shapes, typeface, stock images, document formats, writing tone, and so on. Get as detailed as you want in describing the guardrails for your brand. 
  • Create the right audit trail of all DAM users’ acceptance of company’s brand, content, or AI use policies. When users log into the DAM next time, ensure they read your policies and acknowledge them.  

2. Agile Content Collaboration 

When it comes to content collaboration, why settle for multiple disjointed tools for storing your content, making small edits or personalization, and managing tasks and projects? Combine human creativity and AI efficiency in future-forward ways. Aprimo’s platform creates a unified asset and productivity management experience so your teams can jointly streamline content operations from the first draft to final delivery. 

Did you know? 

In 2023, Aprimo’s Annotations had more than 2.5 million views, with the average person spending more than 17 minutes collaborating on a shared asset. Content and campaigns that are collaboratively created go live faster. How much time are you spending actively collaborating on content? 

Best Practices in Content Collaboration

  • Why should users switch between instant messaging applications and their content platform? Brings the power of chat discussions, comments, and @ mentions in the flow of work for your content operations team. Enable discussions on assets, projects, or tasks into a single interface 
  • Reduce the need to go back to Creative for every little change in an image. Empower downstream users who create campaigns or digital experiences to customize images to their needs on the fly. This is a great place for you to let generative AI take over. 
  • Ensure you deploy one of the most critical applications of AI in content operations – supplementing human reviews with AI-based reviews for a more exhaustive and always-on approach to catching legal or compliance issues with new content
  • Most rights violations happen when users end up deploying content that has expired in the DAM but was available on their computer (when they had last downloaded it). When a user downloads an asset from your DAM, develop the ability to notify them automatically when the asset expires (or when a new version is available). 

3. Accelerated Asset Delivery  

Every asset has a journey; one which ends on your customers’ device. Is your DAM just a place to store assets when it can be the epicenter of your digital experiences?  

More businesses now directly deliver assets from their DAM to their websites, apps, and marketing campaigns. Aprimo brings you the flexibility to leverage multiple delivery options, all of which create performant experiences for your customers. 

Did you know? 

In 2023, users ran over almost 1 billion asset searches in Aprimo and then delivered 7.5M assets directly to their customers via public links. Are you making it easier for your marketing and digital teams to deploy DAM assets?   

Public Links

Best Practices in Content Delivery 

  • Track customer engagement with your content – images, videos, and text – and use the insights to drive your content strategy. The best businesses we work with constantly optimize their content strategy based on deep customer insights. 
  • Leverage your own domain when using public links to deliver assets. This ensures you brand your web presence. 
  • Ensure DAM content published on websites is automatically discoverable and crawl-able by search engines like Google. This will boost the SEO performance of your website and drive more organic search engine traffic to your site.  

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