Discover Why Aprimo Is a Leader Marketing Operations

Why Aprimo

Aprimo’s leading marketing operations platform helps marketers turn pain points into advantage points. We’ve made it our mission to bring order to the chaotic world of marketing and help marketers reach their full potential through innovative, best-in-class technologies and services.

Why Aprimo

Customer Success

Aprimo is as passionate about developing the best marketing operations platform as we are about our customers’ success. We believe both in the pursuit of great marketing and in the potential for greatness in all marketers. We are leaders. Innovators. Bold and forward thinkers. Our offerings provide customers a smarter way to succeed. That’s why Aprimo is trusted the world over.

Leading global brands are seeing impressive results with Aprimo

“The modeling capability in the Workflow & Project Management solution has helped us make better decisions.”

Communications Manager

“[Aprimo] has helped us identify and execute on opportunities for improvement. Their knowledge provides important insight on how we can do things better and prepare for the future of marketing operations.”

Marketing Operations Manager

“I can’t imagine any brand that would not want to use Aprimo Distributed Marketing. It’s a seamless and effective way to help dealers promote themselves and the brand.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

World-Class Support, Services and Strategy

Ready to maximize your partner engagement, increase sales, and generate a higher return on your marketing investment? We get it. That’s why Aprimo offers a comprehensive, best-in-class suite of professional services to support all your marketing initiatives.

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Activation Services


With Aprimo’s Activation Services, you can rest assured your organization will be expertly guided through the rollout of your marketing transformation initiatives.

Concierge Services


Aprimo’s Concierge Services works as an extension of your team to provide you with the highest level of customized system support and help you meet your business goals.

Customer Support


Aprimo’s highly-experienced and product-certified Customer Support team provides “follow-the-sun” global support, critical 24/7 access, and a state-of-the-art customer portal.

Strategy Consulting


Aprimo’s Strategy Consulting team has deep experience and industry expertise to ensure that you get the most out of your Marketing Operations platform.