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Splunk streamlines workflows with Aprimo

Making cross-functional teamwork easy

Splunk, a company that helps unlock the power of data, needed a better marketing workflow solution. With a fragmented, cobbled-together system, collaboration was inefficient and complex. Splunk turned to Aprimo to help ramp up productivity.

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About Splunk

Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform designed to remove the barriers between data and action, so that everyone thrives in the Data Age. Splunk helps IT, DevOps and security teams transform their organizations with data from any source. With more than 6,000 employees in 27 offices worldwide, Splunk works toward a future where data accelerates progress for brands in IT, security, DevOps and more.

Splunk’s Fragmented Workflow Sapped Productivity

Fragmented Workflow Sapped Productivity

Struggling with fragmented work and project management, Splunk needed a way to support cross-functional and concurrent collaboration to get things done more efficiently. Their process was so bogged down that sometimes up to seven JIRA project management software requests were needed. Plus, task or asset owners from six different teams had to wait until one request was completed before moving to the next, hindering synchronized progress on different creative fronts.

The result was inefficient coordination and time-consuming manual processes, slowing speed to market and sapping the productivity of multiple creative teams.

Splunk sought a marketing planning and operations solution that could

Reduce Workflow Complexity

Reduce workflow complexity

Automate Tasks

Automate tasks and workflows

Enable Collaboration

Enable collaboration across disparate teams

Increase Visibility

Increase visibility across all marketing projects

Market Faster

Get projects to market faster

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency of creative teams

Output ports are your friend.

Aprimo has helped us automate our workflows in a way that just works.

- Robert Colville, Senior Traffic Manager, Splunk

Eliminated 7 steps in project requests

Creatives can focus on what matters most

The Solution

Splunk chose Aprimo’s Productivity Management solution to employ traffic management best practices and improve productivity across six different creative teams.

Aprimo enabled Splunk to create a more efficient and collaborative AI-driven workflow that integrated outflow ports at critical junctures.

With integrated output ports in strategic workflow positions, Splunk’s traffic manager could architect a reliable workflow with multiple automated paths, allowing task owners to make better decisions, allocate resources wisely, and collaborate better.

Splunk and Aprimo

We’ve combined many complex tasks into a

much simpler flow, thanks to Aprimo.

- Robert Colville, Senior Traffic Manager, Splunk

Complete cross-functional team collaboration

Simplified, automated project notifications

Splunk Upgraded Work Management Integrations

Splunk Upgraded Work Management Integrations

Splunk, sees Aprimo as a strategic tool for executing traffic management best practices. With “output ports are your friend” as the company’s mantra, multiple, complex tasks from another management software tool were combined with Aprimo capabilities to create an intelligent, agile workflow that delivers a host of benefits.

Six of our teams that work separately from each other can now

easily collaborate

when they need to.

- Robert Colville, Senior Traffic Manager, Splunk

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