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Our Platform

Our powerful, agile marketing operations platform automates marketing operations so marketers can get more campaigns in market - on time, and on plan. Aprimo enables you to reach your full potential and deliver value back to your organization.

Plan & Spend

Plan & Spend allows you to align marketing strategies with activities, visually configure budgets, and adjust both as needed to ensure success. When everyone—from CEO to digital marketer to graphic designer—works toward a common goal, synergy abounds. And success follows.

Productivity Management

Improve content quality and velocity with Productivity Management. Its advanced intelligent workflows take the legwork out of the production process so you are free to focus on what matters: improving the customer experience.

Distributed Marketing

Take your brand and channel performance to the next level by marketing to, through, and for your distributed partners. Distributed Marketing brings together the content, campaigns, funds, and data with the right tools to make the process simple and seamless for brands and partners.


Today’s marketers are challenged with leveraging the power of the marketing cloud, while also taking full advantage of all their marketing data sources in a practical, secure, and controllable way. Aprimo Campaign provides enterprise campaign management capabilities that allow modern marketers to easily perform deep segmentation on data where it rests across multiple sources. These customers and prospects can then be assigned to offers, and connected with email, direct mail, advertising, and other execution channels in the cloud.

Digital Asset Management

Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps enterprises deliver engaging customer experiences with velocity. Digital asset librarians, marketers, brand managers, and creatives can manage images, videos, documents, and other rich assets across different stages of content lifecycles.

Product Content Management

Aprimo Product Content Management helps global organizations provide engaging, personalized and consistent product experiences. Enrich product data and showcase related product accessories, similar products and bundles across digital and offline channels.


Aprimo adapts to every aspect of how your business works. We offer a powerful, reliable, and innovative marketing operations platform with the capability to support the most scaled, global, and complex requirements… in an easy-to-consume manner. Aprimo technology is secure, compliant, and purpose-built for marketers.

How can Aprimo help you?

Aprimo brings order to the chaotic world of marketing by streamlining and automating marketing operations. Watch the video to see how Aprimo helps transform inefficient processes, out-of-date content, bottlenecks, and limited visibility into increased collaboration across teams, a global view of budgets, and optimized resource planning and tracking.

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