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Hootsuite Connector for Aprimo Digital Asset Management System

The Aprimo Hootsuite Connector provides a seamless connection between Aprimo DAM and Hootsuite. Access brand assets from Aprimo DAM directly from Hootsuite, and publish across social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Hootsuite Connector Guide

How to Use the Connector

Have a question about the Hootsuite connector? Use this guide to find an answer. Get help integrating the Hootsuite composer into Aprimo, importing images, and much more.

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Aprimo Hootsuite Connector

Aprimo Hootsuite Connector

Easily share your Aprimo digital assets on your social media channels with the Hootsuite connector.

•  Integrate the Hootsuite composer into Aprimo
•  Select Aprimo as a media source
•  Search for assets
•  Import multiple images to your social posts
•  Publish out to Hootsuite-supported social networks


Hootsuite Quick Start Guide

Aprimo Hootsuite Connector

Get the connector up and running fast with this quick start guide that takes you through setup and registrations.

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