It’s not exactly a revelation—or it really shouldn’t be!—that customers shopping in any industry expect brands to reach them where they are with experiences that delight them. Whether on social, in print ads, or commercials on Hulu, customers everywhere fully anticipate personalized experiences from brands, even in financial services or life sciences.

Study after study tells the story of how vital it is for brands to deliver their customer experiences consistently and across channels. But knowing the facts doesn’t make actually producing content that’s personalized to users and available to be released on Twitter, in a Facebook ad, and everywhere else at the drop of a hat any easier. 

The Hurdle to Creating Great Content

Creating great content is hard for any organization. By far the biggest barrier to getting exceptional ads and marketing materials in front of customers is having poor content operations. Lacking a robust content operations solution that covers digital asset and work management capabilities means brands often have to deal with issues like:

  • Not having the right content on hand at the right time
  • Every project seeming like the most important one
  • Lacking actionable insights into content performance
  • Focusing on content style over substance

Many organizations don’t have the behind-the-scenes capabilities they need to efficiently make the content their customers are expecting from them. So getting the content buyers actually want to see, making sure the right content is sent to the right customer, not knowing what’s gaining traction in market, everything that goes into that, is simply missing.

Aprimo + AEM—A Content Ops Powerhouse

Aprimo is a fully capable content operations solution that gives marketers and teams in regulated industries the ability to control content from start to finish, from ideation to delivery. 

But Aprimo is also much more than that because of its powerful integrations with third-party apps like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Combining Adobe’s experience delivery capabilities together with Aprimo’s intelligent workflows enables you to breeze by bottleneck after bottleneck and get great experiences into market faster than ever. 

Teams can work together more efficiently with Aprimo and AEM. Synchronize metadata across both applications so everyone on your team works from the same single source of truth, never using the wrong piece of content in the wrong channel. What’s more, you’ll control content expiry and easily review content from across functions so all content is on-brand and up to regulatory snuff.

Together Aprimo and Adobe help you deliver amazing content to your customers more efficiently without sacrificing brand or regulatory compliance.

The Benefits of Aprimo + Adobe Experience Manager

There’s a lot to appreciate about the coordinated power of Aprimo and Adobe Experience Manager for businesses in any industry—even those in highly regulated industries like financial services, insurance, or life sciences.

With Aprimo and the AEM integration you and your teams can:

  • Orchestrate and coordinate omnichannel customer journeys
  • Stay in familiar tools while accessing content in DAM
  • Better understand what content works best and how to optimize for the future
  • Stop relying on email threads and chat to get work done

Successfully orchestrating marketing campaigns takes more than just good ideas. It requires smart execution, talented people, and the right tools working in concert to go from rough idea to game-changing customer experience. 

A frustrating barrier to this is that, historically, marketing teams work in silos, sharing content through email or chat systems that aren’t built to easily store or organize content that needs to be accessed again and again. With Aprimo connections to tools like Adobe Experience Manager, you can connect powerful digital asset management to the rest of your critical marketing infrastructure.

And that is just the beginning.

See Aprimo + AEM in Action

Now that you know the high level value of what Aprimo and Adobe Experience Manager can offer businesses in any industry, see how the connector works for yourself.