Aprimo Connect Offers Integration Support for Your Marketing Ecosystem

Delivering relevant, omnichannel customer experiences (CX) often requires that organizations utilize an unprecedented level of solutions—and integration support for them–to better manage and connect their data, workflows, and content.

In fact, Gartner’s recently released CMO Spend Survey for 2018-2019 found that MarTech solutions now account for 29% of a CMO’s budget compared to 22% in 2017, making it the single largest area of investment when it comes to marketing resources and programs.

Email marketing platforms, web content management systems, and digital marketing and analytics solutions top the list of technologies that CMOs are investing in to help achieve their various goals, according to Gartner’s 2018 Marketing Technology Survey.

The CMO spend research, however, also recommends organizations develop and utilize a roadmap for integrating all their MarTech applications to help avoid costly mistakes, especially as they continue to invest more in these technologies each year.

Such integration helps organizations to not only gather insights from all their data points in a single hub, but also ultimately enhance their CX and customer loyalty by being able to deliver those essential relevant experiences across various channels. Enabling integration is even more essential as CMOs continue to focus on enhancing their organization’s experiences with an estimated 18% of their overall marketing budgets going toward CX initiatives, according to the spend survey.

Connecting your TechStack is also essential for organizations to have global visibility into all their marketing activities so they can improve internal productivity and get to market faster.

Introducing Aprimo Connect

To enable modern organizations to better support their marketing ecosystem, as well as their CX and other customer initiatives, we are excited to announce Aprimo Connect–a new set of comprehensive integration capabilities for our solutions. With Aprimo Connect, it’s much easier to integrate Aprimo solutions into an existing MarTech ecosystem to deliver the best customer experiences.

Aprimo Connect offers the following benefits:

  • Choice. You can choose from one of several ways to connect Aprimo solutions into your ecosystem based on your organization’s skillset or complexity.Use Case Flexibility. A one-size-fits-all approach can limit your use case support. Aprimo Connect gives you all the capabilities needed to support your unique use case.
  • Expert Friendly. If you have preferred partners, Aprimo Connect makes it easy for them to deliver integration with Aprimo solutions.
  • Future proof. Like all of Aprimo’s new releases, Aprimo Connect is designed to be future-proof so there’s no need to update custom code or out-of-date APIs when new technologies emerge or specialized needs arise.
  • Secure. Finally, Aprimo Connect is highly secure with internationally recognized compliance certifications so organizations can perform data-sensitive operations with high confidence.

With today’s companies now utilizing a multitude of technologies, the ability to integrate them is more crucial than ever to provide streamlined, connected, and consistent brand experiences across all your channels.

Aprimo Connect makes it easier and faster to develop these integrations to break down data and organizational silos and turn disconnected customer experiences and data into actionable insights. With Aprimo Connect, we make it easier than ever to integrate all your content sources into our powerful platform.

Click here to learn more about Aprimo Connect.

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