Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves: Say Hello to the New Aprimo

Over the last couple of years, we?ve seen a lot of change: our professional and social environments, how we consume information and content, how we engage with customers, and the nature of marketing as a whole.

Aprimo is no different.

Since our inception, we have been marketing innovators, continually evolving our leading-edge products and services to help you drive amazing customer experiences.

Digital transformation affects everyone. Our customers and partners must adapt alongside the rapidly changing digital-first landscape, and so do we, creating the new skill sets and tools needed to better service and interact with them.

But sometimes that means that we can forget to take time to turn the lens back on ourselves. After all, we share many of the same challenges as our customers do.

Today, we’re excited to announce the evolution of Aprimo: a refresh of our brand, visual identity, values, vision and mission, as well as a major upgrade of our digital experience.

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Aprimo’s Mission

Our first step in our brand redesign was to look back at our heritage and legacy of disruption to update our mission, vision, and values.

Our mission is to empower the organizations of today to build the leading brands of tomorrow by unleashing the power of their content. We help you orchestrate amazing customer experiences by unifying the entire content lifecycle through a single SaaS platform that changes the way we work, create, collaborate, and learn.

But we also wanted to highlight how we do that as leaders and innovators, and developed three brand pillars we use as our guiding principles, and values you’ll see embedded throughout our brand:

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A Brand Evolution with the Future in Mind

With a solid understanding of who we are and what we want to convey, we looked at design trends with staying power that would help us get there and be flexible enough to adapt and evolve as we grow.

A brand’s visual identity is the first thing you see, and even something as simple as a logo can speak volumes. While the Aprimo logo and mission remain steadfast?a statement to our heritage as innovators in the space’look around and you’ll notice major changes in colors, shapes, and imagery.

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Taking current design trends into consideration, you’ll find bold colors paired with geometric, minimal, and natural shapes and textures.

These visual combinations create a connection between our brand and the human aspect of what we do, using sound design principles that reach people on an emotional level, lift up our customers and partners, drive our brand forward, and have a lasting impact.

?Product images on their own don’t really tell a story. Now, we use collages to give a narrative of what you’re looking at, making the product a character in a story.? – Sunny Okamoto, Creative Director

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A Flexible, Composable Digital Experience

We understand the increasing expectations and challenges marketers face today.

With our solutions and partnerships, we provide a complete and fully-composable solution customized to fit your needs, allowing you to create and deliver content quickly and on brand, plan, collaborate, and easily manage campaigns.

The new Aprimo digital experience reflects how important it is to deliver a seamless content ecosystem?not just for our customers, but also ourselves.

Partnering with WordPress VIP and Parse.ly, we?ve digitally transformed our entire website experience, connecting our industry leading DAM with a powerhouse CMS and best-in-breed content analytics to create an exceptional experience with our new brand.

“The new Aprimo website is a great example of how companies focused on digital transformation can seamlessly connect best-in-class solutions, creating a unified platform to empower their employees to deliver engaging customer experiences? says Ryan Sholin, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, at WordPress VIP. “It is also a strong validation of our shared partner ecosystem and the possibilities it presents for customers looking for greater flexibility, agility and data driven insights.?

Building a Better (Content) Future

Yes, we?ve been busy, but this is just the beginning. Look out for exciting customer experiences, podcast episodes, news, and events that we’ll be sharing over the next few months?all with the new Aprimo look and feel.

Here’s just some of what we?ve been up to behind the scenes:

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