5 Benefits of Lead Scoring (And Why Channel Partners Need to Take Advantage of It)

Are your channel partners leveraging lead scoring as part of their marketing strategy? Per Demand Gen Report’s 2016 Lead Scoring Survey, 86% of marketers use lead scoring. If your partners are not qualifying leads, you may want to help them incorporate lead scoring into their marketing and sales efforts. Being able to prioritize leads and focus on the “hot” ones not only benefits your brand (corporate marketing), but it also benefits your channel partners.

Here are 5 benefits when channel partners implement lead scoring into their strategy:


1. Increase Engagement with Your Channel Partners

As a brand with multiple channel partners, providing a way for partners to score leads increases their engagement with corporate. We all know that channel partner engagement can be a huge challenge. The more value you provide, the more activity and leads you’ll see from your partners.


2. Identify Your “Fans”

You no doubt have fans of your company, brand, and products/services. Lead scoring helps bring those fans to the surface so you can better engage with them at the corporate and local levels.


3. Prioritize Those Leads

In the Demand Gen Report Lead Scoring Survey, 74% of respondents cited prioritized leads as the biggest payoff from lead scoring initiatives. With lead scoring, your partners can better prioritize which leads they should contact… and which leads they have little chance of converting. The higher the score, the more likely that lead will turn into a paying customer.


4. Increase Marketing-Qualified Leads(MQLs)

We all know it: marketing activities are expected to produce leads for sales to follow-up with and hopefully close. The problem is that it can be tough for marketing to produce high-quality leads. With lead scoring, qualified leads clearly emerge, and you can use that intel to test and refine your marketing messages.


5. Improve Conversion Rates

At the end of the day, it’s all about converting leads to closed-won sales. The scores help determine which nurture campaigns to place your leads in and the best time for sales to engage with those leads. When you find hot leads and engage with them at the right time in the buying cycle, you’ll see those conversion rates increase immensely.

For More Information 
Want to learn more about managing leads for your channel partners and other local marketing outlets? Check out how Aprimo Distributed Marketing addresses lead management by downloading this datasheet. 

Do you agree that lead scoring is an essential part of distributed marketing? Post your stories or tips in the comments!

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