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Standard Life Success Story


Like every brand in highly regulated industries, Standard Life had plenty of challenges they needed to tackle, from carrying content through restructures and mergers to bridging gaps in compliance. Standard Life needed to ensure that all of the marketing content they produced, stored, and distributed met the exacting demands of regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom.


Standard Life also needed a way to ensure that content acquired through mergers was changed to meet brand and legal standards. Changing footers, company names, and addresses—it takes a great deal of time and energy to make essential but minute changes to thousands of pieces of content.


Standard Life needed a digital way to ensure simple review and retrieval of approved content with the ability to establish robust processes that addressed internal and external demands.


We had inconsistent record keeping and ill-defined content production processes that could have resulted in not only internal headaches but fines from regulatory agencies.” – Sophie Simpson, Senior Marketing Systems Consultant, Standard Life


We needed to execute company name changes on content quickly, efficiently, accurately, and, again most importantly, compliantly.” – Elaine Smith, Marketing Systems Manager, Standard Life



Standard Life chose Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Productivity Management to digitally transform their marketing team.


Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM)


DAM has enabled Standard Life to not only establish a single, centralized place where team members can go to retrieve brand- and regulation-approved content, it enables them to intuitively and effectively collaborate—no matter the distance between desks—and to integrate new marketing teams acquired from mergers much more efficiently.


Aprimo Productivity Management


Productivity Management gives Standard Life the power to create robust, standardized processes that ensure regulatory demands are strictly adhered to and brand guidelines are followed.


With Aprimo, Standard Life can once again focus on what drives them most: helping their customers make good choices with their life savings.



After implementing Aprimo DAM and Productivity Management, Standard Life markets with confidence, assured that their content is compliant, on brand, high quality, and that it gets to market fast. The marketing team and their partners are served by customized, automated processes that streamline content curation and are well documented and up to regulatory standards.


What’s more, Aprimo makes internal audits easier than ever: “We have to demonstrate compliance, and Aprimo allows us to carry out and document controlled selfassessments using insight reports and sampling that tests the effectiveness of the controls we have in place,” said Sophie Simpson, Senior Marketing Systems Consultant.


Aprimo has made risk management simpler for Standard Life by making any regulatory breaches that crop up easier to catch and self-report. No more surprise infractions thanks to the thorough internal audits that Aprimo enables. And with Aprimo accessible online, newly integrated colleagues can gain access to content quickly, and an acquired company’s workflows can be easily moved into Aprimo.


Aprimo is flexible enough to change with Standard Life as the brand continues to grow and evolve.


Aprimo has helped us ensure regulators that our processes are robust and easily monitored.” – Sophie Simpson, Senior Marketing System Consultant, Standard Life


Aprimo has helped us address so much: meeting regulatory demands, administering business reviews, managing changes to assets, following processes in a global pandemic, and a lot more.” – Elaine Smith, Marketing System Manager, Standard Life


About Standard Life

Standard Life is a UK-based life savings brand with a nearly 200-year history. Their marketing team uses Aprimo Productivity Management and Digital Asset Management to organize, manage, and deliver efficient marketing operations that help their teams respond faster to market changes and changes in their organization.


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