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Akamai Connector for Digital Asset Management Software

Aprimo’s Akamai integration for asset management allows users to connect their Akamai accounts to Aprimo so that assets in the DAM can be shared faster and more efficiently with global users. Additionally, the Aprimo Akamai Connector enables marketers to track and analyze content performance metrics across various channels.

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Feature Overview Guide

Aprimo Akamai Connector

Connect your Akamai accounts to Aprimo DAM and share assets with contributors and partners using a public URL. The Akamai connector also lets you:

  • Send files and crops to your Akamai CDN
  • Generate URLs specific to a campaign
  • Create metrics using Akamai logs to report on asset hits
  • Automatically re-push updates to regenerated crops

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Akamai Connector Guide

How to Use the Akamai Connector

Have a question about the Akamai connector? Use this guide to find an answer. Get help using the connector to its fullest potential.

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