Scale Content Operations: Understand the When and Why of Your Marketing

Every single marketing team has talent. Coming up with clever campaigns, pitching ideas that seem guaranteed to build pipeline, and generating promising initiatives are rarely the biggest problems facing a team. More often than not, the bigger issue is actually scaling how they create personalized content so that the process is smoother, less time consuming, and results in higher return on effort (ROE).

Creating content that’s personalized enough to meet the unique needs of customers in every channel takes a lot of time. To successfully scale the artful process of making high-converting content, marketing leaders need to make sure they have a firm grip on the basics of their marketing operation.

They need answers to questions like, “Who’s working on what projects and when are they getting to market?” It sounds simple enough, but getting into the details, gathering the data to back up your interpretations is trickier than it might seem.

So, in order to scale your content operations, it’s key to bring some order to the usual marketing chaos by making sure you have a way to answer these two questions: When are your projects getting to market; and why are you executing these particular projects?

When Are Projects Getting to Market?

Scaling personalization means developing a deep understanding of what projects the marketing team has in flight and when those projects are expected to get to market. Having visibility into what’s coming down the pike ensures your team can make smarter choices about planning future projects.

Agile Project Management

And you might discover that the process of getting your personalized content pieces into market doesn’t happen as fast as you need it to. Whether your team is bogged down by project management tasks or overloaded with low-impact projects, you need to understand exactly what’s putting a cap on your team’s productivity.

Why Are We Working on These Projects?

Every marketer has heard it before: “Oh, that white paper you broke your back to get out to every channel on time? Yeah, we need to take it off the website.” It’s way better for team morale—not to mention the marketing budget—to know at kick-off if spending time to create a piece of content is justified and assured to provide continued business value.

DAM Software Content Analytics Data

Marketers need a simple, comprehensive view into their global marketing planning and performance so they can more easily measure, understand, and optimize the customer experiences they rely on to build their brands and draw in customers from every channel. Once that process is locked in, scaling content creation is much more straightforward.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing everything there is to know about how your content operations function in reality is incredibly important to developing a plan to scale up personalized content creation. Most companies turn to work management and digital asset management solutions to get a clear, simple view into all their marketing activities so they can jumpstart their personalized content creation plans.

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