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Marketing with Confidence in a Regulated Industry – How Standard Life Streamlines and Optimizes Marketing Work

Thursday, May 28, 2020
3pm GMT +1 / 10am ET

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Webinar Marketing with Confidence in a Regulated Industry

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It’s undeniable that marketing in a regulated industry is incredibly difficult and complex. It’s even harder to have confidence in your marketing knowing all the ways it can go wrong, possibly with serious financial and reputational consequences.

Get the full story of how Standard Life, a global financial services and investment company, confidently executed its marketing plans while mitigating financial risk, successfully managing their reputation, and staying productive through company changes and global changes associated with COVID-19.

In the webcast, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make reviews more robust
  • Prove compliance and mitigate risk
  • Adapt to working with new and emerging media
  • Increase productivity with remote working
  • Respond quickly to market turns

Meet the Speakers:

Elaine Smith
Marketing Systems Manager
Standard Life

Elaine is a seasoned marketing professional with vast experience of marketing in the regulated industry. She’s been with Standard Life for 19 years having been involved in Customer Services and Marketing functions. In her role, she holds responsibility for marketing operations, processes and risk management and has been a catalyst for implementing Aprimo to support these functions.

Sophie Simpson
Senior Marketing Systems Consultant
Standard Life

Sophie joined Standard Life in 2018 and has served in both Customer Operations & Marketing. In her role, she is involved with project planning and works closely with Elaine in using Aprimo in day to day to help carry out projects and maintain marketing compliance.

Meet the Host:

Emmy Lippold
Director of Marketing, EMEAI

Emmy Lippold is Aprimo’s Director of Marketing, EMEAI. In her role, she leads the marketing strategy, execution and team to support Aprimo’s international growth and brand awareness.

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