Webcast: Digital Asset Management Maturity Modeling

Aprimo Sync! Season 2

DAM Maturity Modeling: An Outcome-Driven Approach
The Entrepreneurial Framework for Building Enterprise-Class DAM

Duration: 1 hour

Maturity models are useful tools to determine levels of sophistication across technology deployment initiatives. In our world of Digital Asset Management there are a number of well-known maturity models, which typically feature a diagnostic and assessment-driven approach. What if I told you it was time to switch to an outcome-oriented methodology?

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While past maturity models helped gauge levels of DAM proficiency – they don’t inherently drive DAM success.

What would happen if we applied the classic Geoffrey Moore entrepreneurial-oriented strategy instead?

In this session we’ll explore what such an approach might look like, and we’ll discuss how we can methodically “cross the chasm” to achieve the two ultimate outcomes for DAM: an operational system of record (OSR) and user adoption.

Meet the Speaker:

Francisco Ruiz
SVP of Advisory Services & Practice Development

Francisco Ruiz is Senior Vice President of Advisory Services & Practice Development at EMMsphere. Francisco is responsible for viscerally understanding marketing and digital content technologies, and advising clients on how best to put marketing platforms to work within their specific business context.

Francisco is an unusually broad-based, engaging and entrepreneurial leader. He’s a software engineer by training (who still gets hands-on with code) but also a former McKinsey & Company consultant, where he focused on marketing strategy and research for clients in both the USA and Europe.

Early in his career Francisco served 5 years as Director of Advanced Systems with XcelleNet, through an IPO on Nasdaq. Later Francisco was Vice President of Corporate Development with MediaOcean, where he helped grow the organization to over 70, leading to an acquisition by Donovan Data Systems. After that, Francisco started his own consulting practice, Brutal Business Inc., securing partnerships with SmartPath, MediaBin, Aprimo, Marketo and Pardot and serving a number of Fortune 1000 corporations. He also helped small, startup companies develop marketing campaigns and e-commerce businesses with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Today, with his colleagues at EMMsphere, Francisco brings over 15 years of experience across all aspects of marketing solution design, implementation and rollout on a variety of platforms. He also helps clients manage broader issues surrounding platform selection, cost justification, user adoption and change management.

Francisco is a dual citizen of Spain and the USA, lived in Brazil for 8 years, and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. He holds a BA in Computer Science and Economics from Brandeis University, and an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School.

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