Webcast: Digital Asset Management in for Experience-Driven Marketing

How Genius Brands Are Creating Their Experience-Driven Marketing Organizations

Duration: 30 minutes

Genius brands put experience at the intersection of content and data—delivering personalized and impactful experiences at zero moments of truth. As a top CMO imperative, marketing organizations must move away from being cost centers and become revenue generators. This requires a new way of working that centers the customer in company culture, org structure, and processes to embrace unparalleled customer-centricity. Teams must reinvent processes to take “work about work” out of daily tasks so they can focus on unleashing the power of their content and maximizing every experience they put in market. This presentation will explore these strategies and showcase market-leading examples that disrupt customer patterns.

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Meet the Speakers:

Ryan Hennigan
Director, Digital Platforms

Ed Breault
Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Ed is responsible for Aprimo’s global brand and growth. This includes all Paid/Owned/Earned media, Brand Experience, Influencer Marketing, Strategic Communications, Content Marketing, Alliance Marketing, Public Relations, Events, Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing.

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