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Yorkshire Building Society reduces risk and streamlines approvals with Aprimo

Faster, more efficient reviews and more powerful workflows

The Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) relied on disjointed, manual processes to manage financial promotions and campaigns across its entities. But their manual workflow process resulted in inconsistent audit trails and made campaign-specific ROI very difficult to measure. YBS chose Aprimo to overcome these challenges.

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About Yorkshire Building Society

YBS Group, which includes Yorkshire Building Society, Chelsea Building Society, and Accord Mortgages, is one of the United Kingdom’s largest building societies. YBS is based in Bradford, England employing more than 4100 people and serving more than 3 million members.

YBS needed work management

YBS required its marketing team to use ”job bags”—which included hand-written notes—to track and approve campaign ideas and materials. With such slow reviews and approvals campaigns could take up to a month to complete. YBS’s process around financial promotions also needed improvement.

YBS sought a marketing planning and operations solution that could

Centralize control of marketing processes

Decrease risk of assets breaching regulations

Standardize branded content and workflows

Increase visibility across all marketing projects

Improve auditing capabilities and results

Reduce approval turnaround time

The Aprimo team has proven themselves to be a true partner with great account support.

- Matthew Cox, Marketing Strategy & Planning Manager, YBS

100k Assets and Rapidly Growing

YBS + Aprimo

YBS selected and implemented Aprimo Productivity Management to help them create automated, standardized campaign management and approval processes, expedite speed to market, and improve overall quality of their campaigns.

With Productivity Management, all appropriate team members could now receive automated notifications and reminders about campaigns in development, speeding up approvals.

Aprimo has stringent controls in place that are far superior to the paper job process we were using.

- Matthew Cox, Marketing Strategy & Planning Manager, YBS

YBS brings their marketing operations into the future

Since implementing Aprimo Productivity Management, YBS has been able to better control workflows and approvals and boost the overall quality of their marketing campaigns.

In addition to improvements to approval turnaround times, YBS has been able to decrease their project rejection rate from 20% down to just 3%. Aprimo has also helped reduce the risk of campaigns breaching regulations with automated reports that demonstrate each campaign has been approved by the right people.

Aprimo supports the evolving nature of Marketing Opertaions management roles—from job tracking and records management to auditing and delivery.

- Matthew Cox, Marketing Strategy & Planning Manager, YBS

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