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Ubisoft secured and streamlined asset transfer with Aprimo

Compliant, on-brand assets shared from a single place

With offices all over the world, Ubisoft had trouble managing the thousands of digital assets they use to market their video games across channels. They needed a fast, robust DAM to help them gain more control over content access and how that content was being used. Ubisoft chose Aprimo DAM to accomplish this.

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About Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and services. Its network of studios and business offices in over 40 countries are committed to delivering original and memorable experiences across all popular platforms from gaming consoles and mobile phones to tablets and PCs.

Ubisoft needed digital asset management

Ubisoft needed software to streamline content sharing, quality control, and access across their global enterprise. They needed a way to centrally store assets that also met the UI/UX demands of their international teams and that could support specific metadata configurations to streamline use of the software. What’s more, Ubisoft needed to store a wide range of asset types—from text to complex 4D video files.

Ubisoft sought a digital asset management solution that could

Centralize quality control of assets

Enable sharing of large files, including advanced content types like 4D video

Standardize branded content no matter the asset type

Enable secure transfer of assets across disparate devices

Integrate with legacy file sharing system

Reduce campaign turnaround time

If you don’t have a DAM and you’re pushing products to market, you will have absolute chaos—you won’t have efficient marketing campaign management that’s scalable and agile..

- Maria Efstathiou, Worldwide Business DAM Product Owner, Ubisoft

100k Assets and Rapidly Growing

Ubisoft + Aprimo

Ubisoft implemented Aprimo Digital Asset Management because they wanted a single source of truth for their marketing assets and a robust solution that their teams would actually be willing to use.

To better move the company from their old solution to Aprimo DAM, Ubisoft needed DAM to integrate with their legacy file sharing system and MDM solutions. With that and DAM’s ability to more effectively localize marketing campaigns across the globe, the wider team was sold.

With Digital Asset Management, Ubisoft has cleaned up their vast library of assets, can localize campaigns anywhere in the world, and more effectively manage uploads and downloads with control.

Aprimo helps us scale, be agile, and pivot faster. It helps our speed to market.

- Maria Efstathiou, Worldwide Business DAM Product Owner, Ubisoft

Ubisoft upgrades digital asset management

Ubisoft has seen immediate value after implementing Aprimo DAM. In addition to delivering a powerful single source of truth to store, manage, and distribute hundreds of thousands of digital assets, Aprimo DAM has helped streamline Ubisoft’s content creation efforts, increasing uploads to the DAM by 130% year over year. With more than 30 departments across Ubisoft using the DAM, the entire organization can do their jobs more effectively.

Aprimo has a robust DAM. It’s solid. It’s quick. It’s got all of the necessary functionalities. It’s consistently ranked among the strongest in the market. That’s indisputable..

- Maria Efstathiou, Worldwide Business DAM Product Owner, Ubisoft

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