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SOS Children’s Villages Manages Marketing Assets with Aprimo DAM

Keeping Content Under Control with Aprimo DAM

SOS Children’s Villages didn’t have a way to centrally store and manage the marketing assets—stories, videos, images, and more—their various member associations use for fundraising and donor impact campaigns. So they turned to Aprimo Digital Asset Management and gained control of their marketing assets.

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About SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental development organization that has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. Headquartered in Innsbruck, Australia, SOS Children’s Villages is active in 135 countries and territories, working to prevent family breakdown and providing support for nearly a million children across the globe who have lost parental care.

Controlling Brand Messaging
Came at a Steep Cost

SOS Children’s Villages stored their immense volume of content on several databases with limited capabilities for bulk uploading, editing, and classification. They also used manual processes that required associations to file requests to access the content they needed.

And because many of the assets contained personal details about children served by the organization, privacy controls were paramount. The assets were also subject to international legal and data protection regulations, so the organization needed a way to ensure that it was in complete compliance with the law, while at the same time maintaining control of brand messaging across all its member associations.

Checking all those boxes for every piece of content resulted in unacceptable turnaround times, inconsistent messaging and branding, in addition to a general lack of information on rights clearances.

SOS Children’s Villages sought a global solution that could

Improve collaboration among teams

Improve collaboration among teams

Provide 24/7 support to an international organization

Provide 24/7 support to an international organization

Tag assets based on specific criteria

Tag assets based on specific criteria

Adapt as the company grows

Adapt as the company grows

Enable quick responses and emergency campaign deployment

Enable quick responses and emergency campaign deployment

Control asset privacy and user access

Control asset privacy and user access

We selected Aprimo because of its rich out-of-the-box capabilities and open architecture

After an extensive search, SOS Children Villages selected Aprimo because of its rich out-of-the-box capabilities and open architecture. As the DAM system had to fit into our existing application landscape, Aprimo’s commitment to Microsoft technology and cloud infrastructure was considered another strong advantage.

- Thomas Rubatscher, International Director ICT, SOS Children's Villages

100k Assets and Rapidly Growing

Aprimo Brings Faster Turnaround,
Better Quality Control

Aprimo Digital Asset Management helps SOS Children’s Villages find, foster, and use the correct assets faster for its external communications and fundraising efforts.

Aprimo DAM enabled them to store and manage their assets in a centralized, controlled location and to connect disparate teams to the fundraising database and content distribution systems. With the ability to tag and classify assets into collections, the solution has helped optimize the use of marketing assets.

SOS Children’s Villages has enabled many of their member associations to access the “Mediabox” (its internal name for Aprimo DAM) using established, centralized processes and permission-based business rules to control access to content.

But SOS Children’s Villages didn’t stop there. They’ve expanded their use of Aprimo with a second implementation (“IG DAM“) for their Individual Giving and Sponsorship initiatives, giving the company better visibility, access, and control over assets used in even more fundraising efforts.

Aprimo DAM gives the organization better visibility into overall usage and lifecycle of assets, the ability to deliver assets in any and every channel, greater cost efficiency overall, and better control over asset privacy and legal compliance.

The DAM is easy to edit & change ourselves

The DAM is easy to edit & change ourselves without a staff of developers. That’s critical to the successful adoption and scalability as our organization expands the number of contributors to our Mediabox.

- Ute Hennig, Collaboration and Communications Advisor, SOS Children's Villages

Strong Content Increases ROI

Since implementing Aprimo, SOS Children’s Villages organization can now more effectively and efficiently share content, track its usage, and keep everything on brand.

SOS Children’s Villages measures the ROI of Aprimo by determining how well content has performed with donors. With an additional 65 – 76 Euro per donor attributed to their digital content, the company is seeing demonstrable return on investment.

We’d be lost without it

It’s a state-of-the-art system that’s scalable and flexible. For our fundraising success, it’s crucial to have. We’d be lost without it.

- Ute Hennig, Collaboration and Communications Advisor, SOS Children's Villages

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