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Read About the AT&T Digital Asset Management Success Story

Gaining a single view of marketing across a worldwide team

Using regionalized marketing, AT&T’s Consumer Marketing faced challenges in executing their programs effectively. They needed a single view of all their marketing activities to better understand every campaign running and to streamline workflow and review processes, regardless of geography.

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AT&T Success Story

About AT&T

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications, media, and entertainment companies in the world, providing broadband connectivity services and software-based entertainment experiences to people all over the world.

AT&T needed a powerful solution

AT&T Success Story

AT&T Consumer Marketing needed a single view of every ongoing and prospective marketing campaign including those from mergers, all geographies, multiple product lines, and multiple channels to customers.

The team was looking for a collaborative platform to streamline workflow and review processes and interactions with their fulfillment partners, too. Beyond general efficiency improvements, AT&T wanted to improve visibility for senior management.

AT&T sought a marketing operations solution that could

AT&T Success Story

Streamline workflow and review processes

Reduce Cycle Time Projections

Reduce cycle time projections

Eliminate Duplicate Systems

Eliminate duplicate systems

Increase Visibility

Increase visibility across all marketing projects

Increase Collaboration

Increase collaboration across teams and align with key objectives

Analyze Effectiveness

Analyze effectiveness of campaigns

We strive for continuous improvement in our processes and the needs of the business are frequently changing—so it’s vital to have a tool flexible for tweaks and overhauls.

- Mike MacLaverty, Director Marketing Management, AT&T

150 New Users per Year Over 10 Years

3000 Activities Per Year on Average

AT&T + Aprimo

AT&T implemented Aprimo Productivity Management across multiple divisions. With Productivity Management, every aspect of marketing operations was streamlined and tracked.

Not only could every campaign be reviewed, and every asset connected to a user with segmentation tools, but the team could also identify bottlenecks in workflow, monitor workflow volume, and plan for resource capacity.

With their centralized marketing calendar, AT&T could better manage all their projects and ensure that each one connected to key corporate objectives.

What’s more, AT&T’s legal and compliance teams could easily review and approve content tagged for them.

AT&T Success Story

Increased efficiency

by having a single front door for all campaign requests.

Comprehensive Tracking of Marketing Spend

Simplified, Automated Creative Approvals

AT&T streamlines marketing operations

AT&T Success Story

Aprimo Productivity Management resulted in streamlined workflows for the approval process for AT&T’s proposed campaigns ensuring the appropriate stakeholders approved them.

After implementing Productivity Management for their former Mobility division, they quickly scaled up and went live with the solution across all of Consumer Marketing’s subdivisions.

Aprimo allows us significant flexibility

in developing our campaign workflows affording us the ability to both streamline our work as well as report on how we’re doing against our KPIs.

- Mike MacLaverty, Director Marketing Management, AT&T

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