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These leading companies trust Aprimo to improve efficiencies, align spend, manage channels, and automate everything in between. Select any of the customer success stories below to learn how our platform helps them market smarter.

Aprimo Success Stories

Aprimo was a critical technology

As a CMO, Aprimo was a critical technology to help me effectively manage a large team and market with confidence.

- Barbara Glasser, - Chief Marketing Officer, Santander Bank

Customer Highlights

SOS Childrens Villages logo, teal - Aprimo DAM and MRM Success Story

Here's how SOS Children's Villages succeeded with Aprimo

SOS Children’s Villages uses Aprimo DAM to help find, foster, and use the correct assets faster for its external communications and fundraising efforts.

Standard Life Success Story

Here's how Standard Life succeeded with Aprimo

Standard Life executes its marketing plans while mitigating financial risk, managing their reputation, and staying productive through global changes using Aprimo.

Pacific Life Success Story

Pacific Life uses Aprimo PM to streamline, prioritize, and organize all of the work their designers do—so they can focus on what matters.
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Splunk Success Story

Splunk uses Aprimo AI to streamline their workflows, resulting in 7x fewer requests and enabling cross-functional collaboration like never before.
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Bank of America Success Story

Here's How Bank of America Succeeded With Aprimo

Bank of America uses Aprimo to expand visibility of their financials, enabling real-time access for more users, and to make their planning and approvals more efficient.

Meyer Success Story

Meyer uses Aprimo DAM to establish a single source of truth for all of their content—no matter the format—that’s easily searchable and that supports versioning control.
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AT&T Success Story

Here's How AT&T Succeeded With Aprimo

AT&T uses Aprimo to ensure every marketing communication adheres to legal and compliance and to gain greater visibility to current projects.

Ubisoft Success Story

Here's How Ubisoft Succeeded with Aprimo

Ubisoft uses Aprimo DAM to ensure every team member is using brand-approved assets in every campaign, no matter the region.

TTEC Success Story

TTEC uses Aprimo to generate precisely targeted sales lists without needing to deploy technical and data scientist resources.
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Yorkshire Building Society Success Story

Here's How Yorkshire Building Society Succeeded with Aprimo

Yorkshire Building Society uses Aprimo to create automated, standardized campaign management and approval processes—improving speed to market.