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Emerging → Developing → Practicing → Optimizing → Leading

Your creatives, marketing and digital operations can produce a variety of content for multiple downstream channels and uses, but they would be more efficient and effective with productivity improvements that streamline workloads.

Characteristics of this stage:

  • Challenges still exist with speed, consistency, quality and proving ROE
  • Most processes are still manual and disjointed, which can lead to wasted time and higher costs, misalignment, miscommunication and impact the customer experience
  • Teams don’t have clear visibility into who is working on what
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Automate rote tasks using AI to free up resources to focus on more strategic work

Establish rules-based permissions to ensure team members are accessing, reviewing and approving only the content that is appropriate to their roles

Optimize workloads by enabling teams to more effectively create, review and approve content

Reduce friction of using omni-channel content

Accelerate time to market and response to evolving customer needs

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