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Digital Asset Management

Manage content planning, creation, and distribution all in one place to get on-brand, personalized customer experiences to market faster.

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Productivity Management

Improve productivity and collaboration, increase visibility, and align strategies with business objectives in real time to move your brand forward.

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Plan & Spend

Track, measure, and optimize your marketing spend and performance with planning, budgeting, and expense management tools all in one place.

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KPMG Success Story


A Shift to Salesforce Means Big Changes. Deploying Salesforce—Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud—the shared services marketing group at KPMG needed to move many more pieces into position to start transitioning their sales team to get the most out of the platform. The group put out an RFP in search of a vendor that could help them modernize their marketing organization and deploy tools that would help them better enable and empower sales teams.


Aprimo, Digital Transformation in a Box

KPMG chose Aprimo to help solve their marketing challenges and to help them get the right content to the right customer at the right time. Because of the limited on-site nature of their work and the disruption caused by the pandemic, the KPMG marketing services team realized they needed to boost their ability to market to their prospects. Aprimo gives the team the power to easily store, find, and reuse marketing materials along with a host of productivity management tools that make coordinating their efforts simpler than ever.


Aprimo enables KPMG to localize content so teams dispersed across the country aren’t expending time and energy recreating content they already have on hand. Aprimo’s vast library of integrations and connectors, including those that connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, help KPMG marketers get all the value of Aprimo without having to leave the applications they work in most often.


KPMG values Aprimo’s ability to scale up as their shared services marketing team expands. And with the capability of storing and searching for every type of content (from text to 4K video), Aprimo gives KPMG the means to enable their sales teams in every circumstance.


Aprimo enables KPMG to localize content so teams dispersed across the country aren’t expending time and energy recreating content they already have on hand.



Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Aprimo DAM enabled KPMG to create content, store it, and search for it more quickly. With DAM, they could also launch marketing campaigns into every local market and automate the entire customer journey.


Aprimo Productivity Management

Aprimo Productivity Management helps coordinate a marketing team across 90 offices, making project management simple and automating project workflows to make collaboration much easier.


Aprimo Plan & Spend

With so much happening in their marketing organization, KPMG uses Aprimo Plan & Spend to intuitively and quickly create dashboards and reports that help them budget projects and track spending throughout the lifecycle of their content


Coordinated, Automated, Digital Marketing Capabilities

KPMG chose Aprimo to help them deliver more personalized, effective marketing materials in front of their prospects faster—in addition to streamlining their marketing organization across North America and better managing spend. With Aprimo, KPMG gets the complete digital transformation package, making marketing materials easier than ever to create, store, find, and use and enabling their team to work better together.


About KPMG

KPMG LLP is an organization of independent professional services firms offering audit, tax, and advisory services to brands all over the world. Operating in 90 offices and territories with more than 34,000 employees and partners working across the United States, KPMG provides effective professional services to some of the biggest brands in the Americas.


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