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Aprimo Budget Allocation

Feature Brief

Optimize Marketing Planning

Aprimo’s Budget Allocation feature, part of our market-leading financial management solution, supports your business planning with:

  • Flexible Budget Creation - Know where to invest using a  top-down or bottom-up approach.
  • What-if Planning - View different scenarios and fund initiatives with the highest ROI.
  • Automatic Budget Activation - Automatically activate approved scenarios into a yearly managed budget hierarchy.

Get the Most Out of Your Funds

Use Budget Allocation to:

  • Set Objectives - Align all groups on objectives and targets.
  • Enable Quarterly and Yearly Planning - Centralize all marketing  planning activities.
  • Predict Bottom-Line Results - Forecast ROI and predict bottom-line  business benefits.


Aprimo Budget Allocation product screens



Budget Creation

Global visibility for data-driven decisions

  • Assign budgets to owners - Assign spend and enable owners to allocate budget accordingly.
  • Let budget owners give you spend proposals - Enable budget owners to submit estimated needs to a common budget, and then right-size budget needs.
  • Re-use previous year budgets - Leverage year over year budget history to accelerate planning processes.

What-if Scenario Planning

Different budget scenarios

  • Allocate with variations - Allocate budget by fixed amounts or percentages.
  • Quantify the scenario impacts - Plan based on ROI from attribution, mixed modeling, or manual inputs.
  • Pick the winning scenario - When you’ve made your decision, add it to the budget for approval.
  • Incorporate data from spreadsheets - Export your budget scenarios to a spreadsheet, bring in external data, and then import it right back into Aprimo.

Activate Within Aprimo Plan & Spend

Automatic program activation with activities and hierarchies

  • Manage purchase orders and invoices - Monitor vendors, purchase orders, and invoices in a single system.
  • Tie spend data into activity and outcome data - More accurately calculate ROI by marrying spend data with operational data.
  • Integrate with your ERP - Sync your spend data and  budget structure with other corporate systems.



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