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Aprimo Insights

Aprimo Insights enables today’s marketing and customer experience teams to gain valuable insights from all their data via single hub. Aprimo’s powerful data capabilities unlocks insights into: content, work, channel, budget, performance.

Key Benefits

More easily visualize and consume insights so you can make more data-driven decisions

More easily identify new areas of opportunity

Optimize content, operations, and performance to get campaigns and experiences out the door faster

Promote a culture of more informed outcomes

Reports and Dashboards

Real-time, interactive insights provide detailed data views so teams can easily visualize customer experience operations data, and identify areas of opportunity. Aprimo supports 30+ interactive, configurable dashboards and reports.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Enterprises often need more customized reporting tailored to their exact business requirements. Aprimo’s BI Services empower enterprise organizations to define and deliver customized reports and dashboards. This enables these organizations to easily visualize their unique operational, content, and performance data in the ways they need.

Developer Toolkit

Aprimo arms developers with robust developer capabilities for organizations that prefer a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to data. These capabilities include the ability to embed third-party BI reports, data import/export, and analytics web services. Organizations can use these extensive developer capabilities to unlock insights across their unique technology ecosystems.

Aprimo Insights Data Sheet

Gain valuable insights from all your data in a single hub.


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