Aprimo & Episerver


Aprimo’s integration with Episerver enables marketers and digital teams to connect Aprimo DAM with Episerver’s web content management system (CMS). This extension enables users to browse, search, drag, and drop their Aprimo assets directly within Episerver.

Episerver & Aprimo Integration Data Sheet

The integration of Aprimo and Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ creates a single SaaS solution for organizations to manage content, from ideation, creation, and management to authoring, personalization, and delivery.

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Aprimo & Episerver

Transform ideas into experiences with the the Aprimo DAM + Episerver connector.

Aprimo + Epi empower you to:

  • Optimize content creation
  • Create more engaging customer experiences
  • Spend less time on manual content work
  • Get your content to market faster

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