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Financial Services Marketing Ops Execs: You never have to choose between speed to market, great content or compliance again

New digital work and content solution from Aprimo helps brands deliver exceptional customer experiences faster and in more places while maintaining compliance.

CHICAGO,IL – July 7, 2020 Aprimo, a leading provider of digital solutions for content, operations and planning, announced new capabilities to help financial services firms – including banking & payments, insurance, and wealth & asset management – more effectively market their products and services and ultimately see higher marketing return-on-effort.

The capabilities allow financial services firms to:

  • Optimize people resources through artificial intelligence by eliminating wasted time on email and manual processes
  • Get to market faster while still being compliant with integrated work and compliance review
  • Sustainably manage, use, and reuse content from a single source of truth
  • Gain deeper business insights for all the ‘behind the scenes’ customer experience work in consumable, user-friendly reports
  • Reduce risk and increase organizational confidence in the marketing function (or marketing team) with robust audit capabilities

Delivering a consistent, omnichannel customer experience is critical to every financial services firm. The challenge for financial services organizations is trying to scale their content delivery abilities to match their mature customer insights capabilities and drive real-time personalization successes. Adding complexity to the challenge is the need to get to market faster, typically using Agile marketing techniques, while still maintaining regulatory compliance in a global network of ever-changing laws.

“Many financial services companies believe a regulatory environment is the barrier to impactful marketing and customer experience innovation. But they don’t need to make a tradeoff between speed, agility, and compliance. Brands that can harmonize Planning, Operations, and Content while surfacing real-time insights needed to make the right adjustments can accelerate their business in a sustainable way” said Ed Breault, Chief Marketing Officer from Aprimo.

With Aprimo for Financial Services, teams in marketing, digital, and customer experience can finally come together in a frictionless way to plan, execute, and deliver content. Key features that make up Aprimo’s new offering include:

  • Agile marketing capabilities to make it easy to automate your processes
  • AI-powered resource optimization that provides visual cues of work and automatic task reassignment suggestions to reduce bottlenecks and burnout
  • Claim(s) management to maintain a database of all claims substantiated by research and auditability of where those claims are referenced in promotional material
  • Offer Manager Library for digital, media and direct channel marketers to access approved to use promotional material
  • Two-factor authentication for review and approval of marketing materials
  • Review and Annotation on audio, video, and documents built into tasks, including side-by-side comparison, threaded replies and resolution, and fully integrated external agency participants
  • Flexible, configurable audit trail for all changes, updates, decisions to programs and content
  • Brand and/or regulatory guidelines and checklists built into each step
  • Pre-built connectors into common back office tools such as ERP tools from SAP, Oracle, and more

Aprimo for Financial Services is available now. Visit us at https://www.aprimo.com/industries/financialservices/ to find out more and to schedule a demonstration.


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