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2020 Agile Product Updates Press Release

Aprimo Announces Enhancements to Its Agile Marketing Solution

New Agile features are critical to accelerating marketing and delivering exceptional customer brand experiences

APRIL 27, 2020 – CHICAGO – Aprimo, an industry-leading provider of digital asset management and work management software, today announced new and updated features to its Agile Marketing solution.

These new Agile features will further enable marketers to:

  • Regularly deliver content on time
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks faster
  • Change gears faster in response to the market or competition
  • Produce higher quality work aligned to marketing objectives

“Over the past decade, we’ve seen a drastic rise in new marketing channels and increasing customer demands, which makes it more important than ever for marketers to create a continuous, positive brand experience—but also more difficult to achieve,” said Ed Breault, CMO of Aprimo. “Agile Marketing, supported by a flexible core technology, is the best way for marketers to address these challenges and deliver consistent, fast and effective customer experiences across channels.”

Agile Marketing makes teams nimbler and action-oriented, enabling them to work across functions and respond in real-time to rapidly changing situations across every marketing channel. Aprimo’s AI-driven workflow engine enables these teams to dynamically adapt and respond to changes—whether that’s creating better content faster, optimizing their brand experiences and resources, or dynamically contracting or expanding their workflows according to shifting priorities.

Key new Agile Marketing features offered by Aprimo include:

  • Updated Drag-and-drop Workflow Designer refreshes the drag-and-drop menu of tools that allows a business user to easily create AI-powered workflow templates as if it were a whiteboard session.
  • Project OneView gives users the ability to quickly create and manage simple projects within a single view of the most relevant information. This allows users who do not need full template workflows to better manage and track work within their teams.
  • Work Request portal provides a single place to route all requests with an intuitive self-service form for new projects. Users can easily submit detailed and clear requests that are responsive while staying informed on their status with automatic updates.
  • The Agile board is an intuitive Kanban-style board that helps users visualize their work, including what’s in progress, what’s done, and what’s still to come. And as priorities change, users can easily drag and drop tasks within the board.
  • Sprint Views help users stay on track by listing all current tasks organized by sprints (smaller, more malleable marketing plans) and all tasks not yet assigned to a specific sprint.

As marketers increasingly face fast-moving demands and pressures to deliver relevant and effective customer experiences, Agile implementation is expected to rise. According to survey results from the State of Agile Marketing in 2020, marketers across the globe are implementing Agile practices at an accelerated rate and twice as many Agile marketing teams have experienced improved productivity as a result. In fact, Agile marketers are more likely to be satisfied with how their teams are working and the results they can achieve, compared to other groups. Nearly 75% of Agile marketers are satisfied with their teams and results, compared with just 58% of traditional marketers and 34% of ad hoc marketers. To learn more about Aprimo’s Agile Marketing solutions and support network, visit this link:

About Aprimo – Aprimo provides digital solutions for content, operations, and performance that enable enterprises to optimize their brand experiences and the resources they use to deliver them. Our platform gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.

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