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Aprimo invented and perfected marketing operations. The concept is simple – we help you manage the Five Marketing Essentials so you’re free to perform smarter marketing – with speed, agility, and provable ROI.

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Front-end planning is essential to success, but creating organizational alignment on annual plans, budgets, and strategy can be challenging. Without this alignment and planning, campaigns can drag on or never get off the ground. Aprimo aligns organizations and strategies by providing proven workflows—complete with well-defined review and approval processes. Add to that a repository for storing and sharing approved assets, and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.


Budget is often a dirty word. But it doesn’t have to be. When you use Aprimo to allocate and manage spend from budgeting to invoicing, adjust budgets with agility, and link ROI to specific projects, budgets become a lot more manageable and marketing organizations become accountable and credible.


Marketers are creative types – people who take an idea from concept to execution. But there are many moving parts to marketing, and those parts take time… time that could be better spent on cultivating great ideas. Automating activities and implementing best practices with Aprimo means marketers have more time to tap into their creative brains. Plus, built-in approval and compliance measures ensure every collateral piece has been appropriately signed, sealed, and delivered.


Today’s buyers demand local, personalized experiences. This means that even the best campaigns will fall flat if they don’t reach or resonate with your audience. Using Aprimo, marketers are able to market through their distributed partners - like resellers, franchisees, field sales and channel partners – in order to extend their reach into the local market. Plus, with automatic co-branding and optional local customization, partners are able to make marketing relevant while delivering a consistent brand experience across touch points.


Today’s digital environment moves quickly. Marketers who fail to adapt to the speed of change with agility and innovation find themselves falling behind emerging trends and opportunities. By using Aprimo to manage and automate workflows, marketers boost the results and performance of marketing investments through analytics, alignment, and assignment of resources to the most effective activities. The result is long-term ROI, measurable results, and more meaningful customer experiences.

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