Digital Asset Management for Life Sciences—Master Your Content Lifecycle

Your approved content can do more for you. Go beyond reviews and master the entire content lifecycle.

For every life sciences firm, many, many resources go into R&D. But once a therapy is approved, how does it penetrate the market? And how do you ensure patients know and trust the brand? The answer to those questions and more is Aprimo for Life Sciences.

Aprimo empowers you to store and manage all of the content your brand teams create, putting powerful concept ideation, internal review, DAM, and regulatory compliance capabilities into action, maximizing your therapy’s visibility in the marketplace and getting it into the hands of patients more efficiently.

You’ll even be able to stay on top of campaign planning, forecasting, and your team’s budget for the year.

Best of all, Aprimo fits into your unique processes, providing capabilities that complement your team, and focusing attention on the entire content lifecycle, not merely review and approval. And if you do want suggestions to improve processes, we’re standing by to help.

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Do More With Your Content

Your approved content builds patient trust in your brands. Get the most from your approved content with Aprimo for Life Sciences.

Key Benefits of Aprimo for Life Sciences

Aprimo gets you to Market Faster

Faster to Market

Manage content production and internal review from start to finish with our DAM system

Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent workflows route content production tasks to the right person

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Ready to Go

Works with the processes you have now