DAM Marketing Software for Automotive Manufacturers and Dealers

Improve Your Auto Content Marketing Management and Operations with Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Manage your entire content lifecycle. Aprimo DAM gives automotive marketing teams of all sizes productivity management, internal collaboration, and asset management capabilities. Manage your resources effectively, track project budgets accurately, and get your compliant content in front of your target audiences faster.

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DAM Marketing Software for Automotive Manufacturers and Dealers

Leading Automotive Manufacturers and Dealers Trust Aprimo DAM Software for Digital Asset Management

Get the brand planning, budgeting, and content management capabilities you need to efficiently create, manage, and review your content. Then get it swiftly into the hands of your customers. Our digital asset management solution is ideal for any automotive organization, including: car, truck and SUV manufacturers, manufacturer-affiliated dealerships, new and used dealerships, and dealer associations.

Ensure Compliance with Marketing Regulations for Banks

Ensure Automotive Marketing Compliance

Avoid regulatory fees and keep all marketing activities and content compliant. Aprimo DAM offers robust audit trails, rights management, and reference and claims management. Easily adhere to advertising laws and regulations for new and pre-owned vehicles like: clear and conspicuous disclosures, comparison and credit advertising, environmental and fuel economy claims, leasing / regulation M laws, and more.

Improve Content Operations

Improve Content Operations

Manage content production, internal reviews and approvals from start to finish with Aprimo DAM. Review and approve content faster. Save time with AI-powered automation, automated workflows, notifications, and in-app reviews.

Keep Your Marketing Content Consistent

Keep Your Marketing Content Consistent

Take control of consistent branding and messaging by centralizing your content management with our automotive marketing DAM. Give internal users and partners access to the things they need to do their best work—and nothing more. Versioning control and a history view helps you ensure the right content is going out to the right audiences on the right channels, or find and fix mistakes fast.

Tap Into Our Banking Industry Experts

Tap Into Our Automotive Industry Marketing Experts

Get more from your DAM and your content with our in-house automotive industry team that’s here for you every step of the way. Join our automotive marketing customer community to share ideas and best practices, plus you can learn from your peers.

Learn More About Your Bank Marketing Content Performance

Learn More About Your Automotive Marketing Content Performance

Combine upstream and downstream performance data to create useful, interactive reports that pinpoint marketing content that resonates with your audience, what’s not hitting the mark, and what was worth the effort. Gain key insights into your buyers based on their engagement with your content so you can improve your messaging and use the most effective channels.

Purpose-Built DAM Platform for Must-Have Compliance

Aprimo helps automotive marketers get their approved, compliant, on-brand content into channels at the speed of digital—with peace of mind.

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DAM Software that Puts Your Digital Marketing Strategies to Work

Automotive marketers—whether manufacturers or dealers—face unique content compliance challenges. Aprimo can help you ensure every type of content you create—social media posts, ads, case studies, promotional materials, and more—is ready for internal approval, meets all compliance requirements, and is aligned with industry regulations. With improved content marketing operations, you keep better track of marketing materials across their lifecycle.

  • Better customer experience through centralized enterprise content management
  • Streamlined ability to market your products and services at speed and at scale
  • Improved business processes and document management
  • Stronger adherence to industry marketing rules and regulations
  • Compliance with marketing laws and regulations around claims, Regulation M, comparison advertising, and more

Our software helps automotive content marketers put their strategies into action, and your approved content into the hands of your target audience.

Balance Marketing Agility with Compliance at the Speed of Digital

Balance Marketing Agility with Compliance at the Speed of Digital

Think you can’t have compliant AND agile marketing? Think again! With Aprimo, you can use a repeatable, auditable process to expedite content development so you can populate channels quickly.

Collaborate with Agencies and Suppliers with a Compliant Bank Marketing Solution

Collaborate with Agencies and Suppliers with a Compliant Automotive Marketing Solution

By centralizing content development, you bring all your projects and resources into Aprimo’s compliance environment. You can also give agencies and suppliers access, so they can respond quickly to your request and assignments with proposals, work for review, or finished work product. Aprimo’s built-in audit trails help you track work every step of the way.

Mitigate Financial Risk and Improve Reputation Management

Mitigate Financial Risk and Improve Reputation Management

With all activity in a single place, auto industry marketers gain a holistic view to run marketing with accountability. Role-based access gets users the information they need and the right functionality to achieve their goals.

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Make Your Automotive Marketing Content Do More with DAM

Gain the most from your approved content with Aprimo. Deliver consistent, engaging, and compliant content to your clients and prospects at scale.