Content Return On Effort

Focus on Work That Matters with Content Performance Metrics


Quickly change creative direction with instant insights

Leading Indicator

Get content performance results long before ROI

Content Strategy

Refine creative and content strategies quickly

Eliminate the Work About Work

Prioritize work that moves the needle

Return on Effort Helps Tell A Complete Content Story

Track KPIs and deliver even more robust content dashboards to the rest of the organization by combining ROE with your current performance tracking tools. Together with Salesforce Datorama and other tools, Return on Effort helps creative teams tell a complete content story.

Identify Your Most Impactful Content Right Now

Find out what content delivers the best results quickly, making your teams more strategic and more agile all at once. Here’s how it works:

Deliver Content From The DAM

Deploy content directly from your content hub, the DAM

Get A Leading Indication

See cost per impression in black and white—a clear and quick gut check

Gain More Value From DAM

Make smarter decisions about what to create and where to use it