Why New Marketing Tactics and Alliances are Essential to Win the CX Battle

The digital age has transformed how we connect with our customers – the channels we use, the content we create, and the people we need to collaborate with to be successful. In my third blog of this series, “Are You Prepared for the New Experience Battlefront?” I will focus on two areas brands need to invest in to deliver a great customer experience: new marketing tactics and forging new alliances.

Go-to tools and tactics may no longer be enough

There’s no down time in the digital age. The experience battle is now 24×7, taking place wherever your customer is and wherever they go. Your brand needs the insight to anticipate customer needs, the agility and flexibility to act and react to customers and competitors, and the speed to do all of this quickly.

Your old marketing tactics won’t cut it anymore: mass marketing, stand-alone campaigns, programs that can’t tie individual tactics to ROI, and product-centric messages—these legacy marketing efforts equate to using a slingshot when what you really need is a fully loaded tank.

Brands must rely on new tactics to ensure they can deliver a personalized, relevant, and exceptional experience when the customer wants, where they want, and via the device and channel of their choosing. If they don’t, even their loyal customers are now willing to leave. According to PWC,  “1 in 3 consumers (32%) say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.”

But delivering this exceptional front-end customer experience means your back-end marketing operations—made up of people, processes, and technology—must be streamlined, automated, and integrated. Your operations should be agile, flexible, and able to keep up with the constant demand for new, quality content.

Managing the entire content lifecycle is critical to your brand’s ability to deliver an ongoing, great customer experience. Brands that are able to optimize their entire marketing operations—from ideation & planning and creation & approvals to distribution management and performance management—can increase speed to market with customized, targeted campaigns for all their buyer personas, segments, regions, or markets.

Cooperation and collaboration with allies

The brand experience is shaped by every interaction consumers have with your organization—good and bad. Customers no longer discern between in-store and online experiences. They don’t differentiate between your corporate and digital marketing, customer service or sales. They see just one brand, and they want their conversations with you to be meaningful and consistent across channels and devices.

You likely have multiple groups within your organization trying to deliver messages to the same customers – brand marketing, corporate marketing, digital marketing, sales, customer service, line of business, ecommerce, and beyond. This siloed approach to interacting with the customer can create a chaotic go-to-market strategy internally. The inevitable outcome is a disjointed and confusing brand experience for your customers.

To eliminate this confusion and streamline the experience, marketing must forge alliances with those departments that interact with the customer. It needs to help these allies understand this new customer journey, how their role fits into the journey, and how their efforts can or will impact other parts of that journey.  This step will likely be the most difficult and time consuming for your organization. And it may require a change management initiative to ensure everyone is on board.

Changing the way your brand is organized and operates will certainly be a challenge. But brands that pull it off are winning the battle for new customers, market share, and wallet share because they can deliver exceptional customer experiences beyond just marketing.

Disruption is necessary for success

Digital transformation requires intentional disruption – disruption to processes, technologies, and even how your organization is structured. I realize this sounds intimidating. But to deliver a great customer experience, you must step out of your comfort zone when it comes to technology and collaboration, and embrace the new best practices of the digital age.

Learn more about how you can optimize your marketing tactics and create new alliances. Read our new eBook: “Are You Prepared for the New Experience Battlefront? Reverse Engineering the CX to Outmaneuver Competitors and Delight Customers.

And look for my next blog in this series where I’ll detail how brands can create a new battle plan by reverse engineering the CX.

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