Three Cyber Monday Wins, And One Epic Cyber Monday Fail

Last Monday was the most important day for online retailers: Cyber Monday. The Super Bowl of retail found an incredible influx of online shoppers. The Washington Post reports that the number of Americans shopping online neared 174 million.[i] And we saw some amazing wins across the retail industry:

  • Record dollars spent online. This year, consumers spent a record $6.59 billion online overall by the end of Cyber Monday.[ii]
  • Average dollars spent increased. The average consumer spent about $335 per person during this time. Millennials were the biggest spenders, spending $419.52 per person.[iii]
  • Online retailers reported record sales. Wayfair announced it had its strongest sales day in history. They sold one sofa every 12 seconds, one mattress every 8 seconds, and one rug every 2 seconds.[iv] Online goliath Amazon also recorded their biggest sales day ever.[v] 

Cyber Monday didn’t go smoothly for everyone though. One retailer sent me an email promoting men’s suits on Monday morning. My husband is in the market for a new suit, so I opened the email thinking that I could forward it along to him. Instead of a standard email promotion, I see the following, heavily distorted and pixelated images. I thought it was my connection or computer at first…until I tried it on multiple device and connections and even asked a friend who received the same email. Same result each time: the wrong, off-brand images. 

Cyber Monday Fail

This epic Cyber Monday Fail reminded me of why marketing operations and digital asset management (DAM) systems are so critical to your brand experience. These systems help you lessen the risk of a poor brand experience during your busiest time of year by managing:

  • Proper approvals. We go through creative, legal, and brand reviews for a reason: to avoid Cyber Monday fails or worse. Marketing operations systems provide a single place for all marketers—from CMO to individual contributor—to view and approve campaigns and assets.  
  • A single source of truth. Most likely, the email marketing team responsible for these distorted images placed the wrong image into the email template. DAM systems ensure that all marketers, merchants, and eCommerce professionals know exactly which content to use on any channel at any given time.
  • Consistent brand messaging. Marketers today must drive a strong brand identity, which becomes challenging as more folks than ever are responsible for delivering experiences across channels. DAM and marketing operations systems enable the CMO to disseminate their marketing vision throughout the organization and allow brand managers to easily enforce brand guidelines.
  • Content variations. There’s a chance this email was from a lower-resolution copy, resulting in the distortion. Many firms struggle with this since they often manage different variations for mobile, web, print, and in-store signage. DAM solutions help manage the different renditions for each of these channels.

There are so many other ways marketing operations and DAM systems can help you avoid Cyber Monday fails, like ensuring you have the right marketing budget to make it through the end of the year, managing local content variations to get to different markets more quickly, and better managing your marketing resources during crunch time.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us for more information. We want to help turn this year’s Cyber Monday Fail to next year’s record success.








About the Author

Anjali is a product marketing director at Aprimo, and looks after the strategy, go to market, positioning, and messaging for the Marketing Productivity, Plan and Spend, and Digital Asset Management products. Prior to joining Aprimo, she spent 8 years at Forrester Research where she covered the marketing technology, eCommerce, and digital agency spaces.

Anjali Yakkundi

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