Optimizing Content Distribution

If you are like any other content marketer, you find that content is wasted if it fails to find its intended audience, lands at the wrong time, or fails to fulfill its business goals. That is why content distribution is such a critical part of the content cycle. This includes search optimization and using the right keywords, distributing the content in the right channels at the right times, and being able to measure content performance.

An important part of any content distribution strategy is being able to repurpose content for distributions in different channels. Expert, Andrea Fryrear, believes that “Successful distribution comes back to the planning phase and knowing who the content is for and how they want to consume it.” For example, a video presentation may be ideal for one channel, but you might want to turn its transcript into an article and use key quotes in social media. We surveyed marketing experts to determine how widely they reused content. We found that more than one-quarter of marketers had no idea if they reused content or they knew they did a poor job of it:

Does your team effectively repurpose content?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Don’t know

One hundred eleven respondents answered in this way:

The Aprimo Blog: Does your team effectively repurpose content?

Aprimo’s Digital Asset Management solution help keep track of content assets, making sure content goes out at the right times in the right channels to support all the different points of evidence, triggered events, and buying signals that need to happen. If you are looking for a way measure the effectiveness of your content distribution strategy, take our content lifecycle quiz today.

To learn what the experts have to say about content distribution, read our eBook 7 Experts on Using the Content Lifecycle to Maximize Content ROI.


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