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Time after time, we see creative teams jump from ideation to creation without adequate planning and budgeting which can result in a highly inefficient process where everyone works exceptionally hard to produce mediocre content. At Aprimo, we have discovered that the planning stage is critical; this is when essential goals and performance metrics are defined. Budgeting tells you the value of meeting those goals. Without adequate planning or value-based budgeting, it is impossible to know if your creation process is operating as efficiently as it needs to or if it is producing content that is delivering business objectives.

Although there are some advantages to having inefficiencies built into the early, ideation stages of a content cycle, the content creation workflow needs to be efficient and timely. Marketing expert, Andrew Davis, agrees and states that “A successful creative process releases content that is timely and that delivers on audience objectives.” Many factors can influence the creative workflow. For example, a highly complex technical environment may require special steps for asset sharing. Simple things like how long it takes to find existing assets needed to build a new a piece can slow down the creative workflow or result in duplicate creative effort. We looked at these two factors by asking the following question:

How many different tools are you using to develop your content from start to finish?

  1. 1–3
  2. 4–5
  3. 5–10

One hundred fifteen respondents answered the question in this way:

The Aprimo Blog: Poll Results | How Many Tools Are Used to Develop Content

People also spend a lot of time looking for assets, as revealed by the following survey question:

How much time do you think your team members spend each day looking for assets to start creating new content?

  1. 30 minutes or less
  2. 3060 a day
  3. More than 60 minutes a day

One hundred twelve respondents answered the question in this way:

The Aprimo Blog: Poll Results | Time Spent Looking for Assets

Creative processes need to leverage technology that provides access to assets wherever they exist in the organization, including visibility into cross-team and cross-silo creative efforts. If you are unsure of your visibility level, take our content lifecycle quiz here to see where your team stands. Additionally, key performance indicators (KPIs) need to be defined in the planning phase. Creative teams must understand what they are and design content with those performance objectives in mind.

To learn more about the creative process from the experts, read our eBook 7 Experts on Using the Content Lifecycle to Maximize Content ROI.


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