Benefits beyond the content store: Optimize the customer experience by integrating DAM within your creative ecosystem

Are you reaping all the benefits you can from your DAM solution?

In the digital age, where brands are creating massive volumes of new content continuously, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are invaluable to helping your teams store, control, organize, and quickly access information.

But many brands are now extending the benefits of these solutions by integrating their DAM with the day-to-day tools marketers, brand and product managers, creatives, and others use to actually create content. Users can search and access digital assets from a DAM system directly from their favorite applications and tools — saving them time and streamlining the content creation process.

Just about every business is somewhere on the path to digital transformation. A key component to success is empowering workers with the tools and information they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. The more brands can streamline their internal operations, automate processes, and accelerate worker access to systems and data, the better they can be at delivering exceptional customer experiences.

By giving your marketers and creators direct access to the DAM from the tools and systems they use daily, you will enable them to create faster, collaborate better, and accelerate the delivery of fresh content to delight customers.

DAM integration in action

I always find real-world examples helpful, so here are a few scenarios that show how different teams within your organization can benefit from DAM connectivity:

Empower your creators by…

Connecting the DAM to graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography tools and services like Adobe Creative Cloud. This would also enable them  to:

  • Search and browse the DAM within the creative application
  • Check-in/check-out files from the DAM—with version comments or with new changes—without leaving the creative application
  • Streamline work-in-progress assets by creating and reviewing assets using the creative tools they choose
  • Link images from DAM to projects within the creative application and receive notifications when those images have been updated

Empower your marketers by…

Connecting the DAM to an online video hosting and streaming service that allows them to upload, share and manage videos. They would be able to send and sync videos from the DAM to the service automatically or with a single click. And they could view video metrics within the DAM.

Empower multiple teams by…

  • Connecting the DAM to a cloud-based collaboration tool like Slack that enables teams to chat, upload, and share files one-to-one or in groups. They would be able to perform asset searches and access data from the DAM directly from the collaboration tool. And they could share assets with individuals via a direct message or with groups via channels.
  • Connecting the DAM to productivity management tools like Microsoft Outlook. They could see their tasks from the DAM within Outlook; perform functions like out-of-office notifications that would automatically populate in the DAM; and they could link their chat boards and calendars directly to the DAM.

Optimize your DAM on the path to digital transformation

With the ability to automate and connect upstream activities like design, creation, content development, collaboration, and communication with Digital Asset Management, your brand will be able to:

  • Support the entire content lifecycle from ideation and planning, creation and management, to analysis and archival
  • Increase efficiency and collaboration between marketers, designers and eCommerce teams
  • Accelerate time to market for content creation by streamlining user interaction with numerous tools and individuals
  • Provide better customer experiences by delivering valuable and relevant content quickly
  • Create and orchestrate a consistent brand experience faster with access to your brand’s single source of truth directly from the tools you use day to day
  • Free up time for marketers and creatives to focus on what they do best — being innovative and creative

Take your next step on the path to digital transformation. To learn more about the benefits of integrating DAM with your business tools why integration is important for customer experience.

About the Author

Anjali is a product marketing director at Aprimo, and looks after the strategy, go to market, positioning, and messaging for the Marketing Productivity, Plan and Spend, and Digital Asset Management products. Prior to joining Aprimo, she spent 8 years at Forrester Research where she covered the marketing technology, eCommerce, and digital agency spaces.

Anjali Yakkundi

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