Become More Data-Driven with Aprimo Insights

As CMOs now have become more involved in planning, it’s essential they have visibility into their data so they can provide detailed analysis to back up their spend requests and future activities.

According to a recent report by Forrester Research, Inc., enterprises also must be willing to dig deeper with their information, and embrace being data-driven as new norm of their marketing operations. The report, titled “The Marketing Measurement And Insights Playbook for 2018,” begins by describing the organizational shift that must occur to a standard of data-driven marketing.

“Marketers must change their attitude toward measurement: away from passively reviewing post campaign reports and toward actively analyzing those past results to guide future plans,” according to the report. “To make this shift, B2C marketers must embrace unified marketing measurement—an approach that uses big data and statistical analysis to credit marketing initiatives across touchpoints—combined with predictive analytics to inform prospective marketing plans.”

Such a unified approach could help organizations better measure performance, strengthen planning, and shift to a continuous optimization process, the report concludes.

The report playbook compiles and updates other Forrester research on how organizations can discover, plan, act, and optimize their marketing plans and campaigns with various data measurements and other tools and technologies.

Introducing Aprimo Insights

To enable more accurate analysis and ease that shift to data-driven marketing and planning, we are excited to launch Aprimo Insights, a library of out-of-the-box dashboards, visualizations, and reports that enable organizations to unlock content, operations, and performance data from their Aprimo solutions. Aprimo Insights enables organizations to gain valuable insights from all their data via a single hub.

Such data includes:

  • Content

  • Work

  • Budget

  • Channel

  • Spend

  • Campaign

Aprimo Insights includes 30+ interactive, configurable reports and dashboards that offer real-time, data views so teams can easily visualize operations data and identify areas of opportunity. It also includes powerful Business Intelligence (BI) through our powerful BI Services to empower enterprises that need more customized reporting tailored to their exact business requirements with more ways to easily visualize their unique content, operational, and performance data in the ways they need.

Aprimo Insights also arms developers with robust developer toolkit capabilities for organizations that prefer a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to data. These capabilities include the ability to embed third-party BI reports, enhance data import-export, and utilize analytics web series. Organizations can utilize these extensive developer toolkit capabilities to unlock insights across their unique technology ecosystems.

With Aprimo Insights, organizations can more easily visualize, consume, and report on their information so they can make more data-driven decisions for planning and budgeting. They also can use the new tool to optimize content, operations, and performance to get campaigns and experiences out the door faster, as well as identify new areas for opportunity.

Ultimately, organizations can use the new comprehensive set of tools within Aprimo Insights to stay current with their data and promote a culture of more informed outcomes across their entire organization. To learn more about Aprimo Insights, click here.


About the Author

Anjali is a product marketing director at Aprimo, and looks after the strategy, go to market, positioning, and messaging for the Marketing Productivity, Plan and Spend, and Digital Asset Management products. Prior to joining Aprimo, she spent 8 years at Forrester Research where she covered the marketing technology, eCommerce, and digital agency spaces.

Anjali Yakkundi

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