APEX Award Winner Q&A – delaware

Every year, we recognize Customer and Alliance Partners of Aprimo who use Aprimo solutions to drive marketing excellence at their respective companies and in the Aprimo community with the Aprimo Excellence (APEX) award. This blog series highlights this year’s APEX award winners.

Non-Profit Streamlines Marketing, Improves ROI

Bart Van Kerkhoven, Partner at delware | digital, and his team have taken home the APEX Alliance Partner of the Year award for three years running. The team at delware | digital delivers advanced solutions and services to organizations looking to transform their businesses to meet cutting-edge challenges—and they’ve partnered with Aprimo to better deliver those solutions for over 10 years.

We talked with Bart to discuss why he thinks delware has brought home the Alliance Partner of the Year award for the past three years, and what the future holds for the Aprimo-delware partnership.

Who: Bart Van Kerkhoven

Aprimo Solutions: DAM

What made delaware | digital the top contender for the Alliance Partner of the Year APEX award?

Well, as of 2019, we’ve won the Partner of the Year award three years in a row. The main reason for that can be captured in one word: focus. Our DAM software journey with Aprimo started more than 10 years ago. Beginning just three years ago, we put together a team that’s solely dedicated to developing and maintaining our single source of truth using Aprimo DAM. For us, DAM isn’t an offering we put on the side; we use it with clear focus and expertise to deliver a high-quality single source of truth.

Why was that single source of truth so important for your team to get right?

Personalization is becoming more and more important for marketing. As long as you don’t have a single source of truth, you’ll never be able to achieve that personalization and that “on the fly” adaptation of content. All of our teams need to be on the same page and all our content needs to be a standardized quality.

What benefits has delware | digital experienced since partnering with Aprimo?

What started as a purely Belgium initiative ended up being a broad, EMEA/international intiative. For us, partnering with Aprimo got us beyond our Belgium boundaries and piggy-backing a bit on the Aprimo presence in the Forrester-Gartner report. Aprimo allowed us to get into some enterprise-level deals that we never would have been able to get on our own. It’s been a fruitful partnership, definitely.

Why is it important to maintain the partnership with Aprimo?

Next to focus, we believe in long-term partnerships. We want to be experts in what we’re doing, and you’re not an expert after one deal; you’re only an expert in the long term. In terms of achieving our goals with customers, there’s no silver bullet that we can come in with on day one to meet those goals. It’s hard work, together with Aprimo and our customers, to ensure that we can maintain and achieve long-term business value. The other reason is that our partnership is so transparent that we can help steer the partnership in the right direction. If we don’t know what the roadmap is, then we can’t make the best possible decisions in any given situation. But with Aprimo, we can see the roadmap, and help draw it.

How does partnering with Aprimo help promote your products and services at events, in particular?

Typically, we have a portfolio of services with Aprimo from single source of truth to strategy to marketing and omnichannel ecommerce. There’s always a link to all of those services via DAM, via Aprimo. And we feel that more and more companies are looking for experts that can help them end-to-end rather in a silo. End customers need help combining a plethora of services together and we help with that.

We’ve been shoulder-to-shoulder with Aprimo for years, being open and transparent with each other and always working together to solve bigger problems with our clients.

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Aprimo presents the Aprimo Excellence award every year to customers who use Aprimo solutions to drive marketing excellence. Want to learn more about how to win an APEX award yourself? Contact your Aprimo CSD to get started.

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