APEX Award Winner Q&A – CenturyLink

Every year, we recognize Customer and Alliance Partners who use our solutions to drive marketing excellence at their respective companies and in the Aprimo community with the Aprimo Excellence (APEX) award. This blog series highlights past APEX award winners and where they are now.

Aprimo Powers Up CenturyLink’s Partnerships

CenturyLink, a technology company with a powerful global network and comprehensive technology solutions portfolio, took home the APEX award in 2018 for their innovative work in accelerating Channel Partner marketing effectiveness and impact. Sam Sundstrom, a Director of Marketing at CenturyLink, and their Indirect Marketing Team have been using Aprimo to help their Channel Partners co-brand and market with them, making those partnerships much more mutually beneficial.

CenturyLink answered Aprimo’s questionnaire over email. Here’s what they’ve been up to since winning their APEX award.

Who: Sam Sundstrom, Director of Marketing at CenturyLink

What challenges did your company face before using Aprimo’s solutions?

CenturyLink has its own direct sales force, but also has invested heavily in the technology industry’s indirect channel of third-party sales partners. As part of our program, we arm these Channel Partners with training, incentives and sales support, but we needed a way to enable this huge community of sellers to go to market with CenturyLink at scale.

What was the result of your partnership with Aprimo?

CenturyLink worked with Aprimo to implement a technology solution to help our Channel Partners co-brand and market with CenturyLink. We have loaded sales collateral pieces, battlecards, presentations, email campaigns, syndicated web content and digital advertising that help these sellers, many of whom have very limited marketing resources, to quickly go to market and leverage the power of the CenturyLink brand and sell our full portfolio. Because the co-branding is done automatically within the Aprimo platform, our marketing team can focus on developing and delivering new, compelling content rather than working with each partner individually to launch a campaign.

How has winning the APEX award affected you and your company?

Winning the APEX award in 2018 was a great honor for our marketing team and company, and it was an opportunity to celebrate the success we have had in implementing our co-marketing capabilities and platform. The APEX award was recognition of CenturyLink’s industry-leading Channel Partner Program and marketing efforts.

How has your specific business case changed/improved since you became an APEX winner?

Since winning the award, we have continued to build upon our asset library and have challenged Aprimo and ourselves to improve our available assets, overhauling our entire content library. We’ve added new features including responsive design to our emails and landing pages, digital ads, and developed more diverse collateral options. We continue to focus on the effectiveness of our messaging and visual identity to help Partners capture mindshare and win market share.

Since winning the award, have you identified other strong business cases?

Since winning the award, we have worked to improve our offerings to Partners, including offering elevated content syndication and digital advertising. The Aprimo platform is a key lever in our product launches in the Indirect Channel.

How did your ability to measure campaign performance improve with the implementation of Aprimo’s platform?

Because Channel Partners launch their campaigns from Aprimo, we can have a high-level, real-time view into the marketing impact we are having with our co-branded assets that we wouldn’t have if Partners were launching campaigns on their own. Thanks to the visibility into which assets agents are using, email open rates and impressions, we can work to develop more content that Partners want to use. We continually monitor these metrics, in concert with the other tactics and events we have in market, to optimize our marketing investments and efforts.

How does leveraging technology like Aprimo help your team reach more of your current customers?

Aprimo’s platform enables Channel Partners that lack marketing resources or expertise to create powerful multi-touch email campaigns, launch digital advertising to get their brand out in the market, and create more touches with their prospects and customers. This is a value-add that our CenturyLink Channel Partner Program makes available to our Partner community in our effort to deliver a best-in-class program and marketing support for our third-party sellers.

The Annual APEX Awards

Aprimo presents the Aprimo Excellence award every year to customers who use Aprimo solutions to drive marketing excellence. Want to learn more about how to win an APEX award yourself? Contact your Aprimo CSD to get started.

And if you know a company in the Aprimo community who deserves an APEX award, please nominate them for one!


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